This is a simple tutorial to help those of you who are somewhat new to Linux and want to play XLink.

Note- You will have to know your ROOT PASSWORD/be able to su yourself root privileges in order to run XLink on Linux!

First off you need to understand that you need to download and run Kaid first which is the XLink engine…

Kaid(Linux XLink Engine)

*known as Linux(x86) in the download section

The other piece you need is called a UI(User Interface) that allows you to control XLink and login,etc(this needs to be ran AFTER you successfully run Kaid) For this tutorial we will be using gKaiUI as our UI…

gKaiUI(XLink UI)

*known as gKaiUI in the download section

Running XLink on Linux

Installing Kaid

1. Use the download links posted above and download both Kaid and gKaiUI(I recommend putting them in the same folder as I did in the video)

2. double click on the .tar files and copy those folders into your desktop/back to your folder you put them all in(basically extract what is in the tar files back to the folder or desktop). You should now have a Kaid and gKaiUI folder as well as the two .tar files.

3. Open the Kaid folder that contains the files kaid and kaid.conf; then minimize that folder for now.

4. Open terminal an do the following.

When you type in su, then your root password it gives you ROOT privileges in terminal, which you need in order to copy some of the files to the correct spots. From here I ran konqueror(though any file manager ran through here with root privileges will also work) with root privileges in order to make it so I can copy the files to the correct spots which are off limits to a normal Linux user account.

5. In the new konqueror(or alternate file manger you run) window type /user/bin. Re-show that Kaid folder you minimized in step 3 and move the Kaid file into the /usr/bin folder and hit copy.

6. In that konqueror(or alternate file manger you run) window that you opened with terminal(the one that currently says /usr/bin) change that to say /etc. Copy the kaid.conf from your Kaid folder and move that to the /etc folder in the other window and hit copy.

Running gKaiUI

7. Open the gkaiui folder and you should see both a pixmaps folder and another file that says gkaiui

8. In that konqueror(or alternate file manger you run) window that you opened with terminal(the one that currently says /etc) change that to say /usr/local/share.

9. Copy the entire gkaiui folder(from your main folder/desktop) and move it to the /usr/local/share directory and hit copy. Go into the newly copied folder(/usr/local/share/gkaiui) and delete the gkaiui file in there as you only need the pixmaps folder inside the gkaiui folder. You should see all the pictures your UI will use in /usr/local/share/gkaiui/pixmaps.

10. Go back to your gkaiui folder that you originally got from that tar file(in a folder you made/desktop) and copy that gkaiui file on your desktop.

11. Restart Terminal and give yourself ROOT rights by using su again as well as run kaid(the XLink engine).

After you get ROOT privileges again you need simply just type kaid. If you followed my steps correctly it will say in terminal that kaid is started, and running,etc

12. Simply click on the gkaiui file from your desktop to get the XLink login screen. From there simply put your user name and password in to login. Then the gkaui(UI) will open to messenger mode and you can continue from there.