If your having trouble running XLink in Vista here is a few suggestions.

1. Make sure first and foremost you are running a Vista account that has administrator privileges

2. Make sure you run the kaiEngine.exe as well as kaiConfig.exe from C:\Program Files\XLink Kai Evolution VII as administrator.

When Kai starts up Windows will display a warning screen. Click on the “Allow” option to let it continue.

3. Disable the User Account Control UAC

UAC forces users that are part of the local administrators group to run like they were regular users with no administrative privileges.

Even if you have it set to run as admin this may make it not work. Follow one of the ways to disable it here

Disable UAC in Windows Vista

4. Make sure their are no firewalls that may be blocking XLink's access to the PSSDK. If you think one of them may be blocking it….. disable or configure your firewall to give XLink full access.

if you have a router you may have to forward a port ..

How to Port Forward

5. Disable Vista Driver Signing.

When the command window opens, type or paste the following and press ENTER:

Bcdedit.exe /set nointegritychecks ON

If all of the following methods above do not help you have the option to try another version of XLink that uses Winpcap instead of PSSDK

1. Download and Install Winpcap-


2. Install XLink Kai normally with the installer(from the site\with default folder)

Download Section

Make sure you choose the one that says “Windows XP/2000/Vista”

3. Download


4. Extract the files out of the Zip(kaiLaunch.exe, KaiConfig.exe and KaiEngine.exe)

5. Go to C:\Program Files\XLink Kai Evolution VII on your computer and overwrite the current kaiLaunch,KaiConfig,and KaiEngine files with the new ones from that zip file.

6. Run the new Kai Config file from that folder and select Winpcap instead of PSSDK

7. Run Kai :)