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 +====== Psp Wiki ======
 +  *__**[[How it works]]**__
 +  *__**[[Buying a compatible adapter]]**__
 +//Where you will find recommendations to get your adapter.//
 +  *__**[[psp_adapters_setup_guides|Adapters setup guides]]**__
 +//Where you will find the step by steps to set up the main adapters for Kai on various operating systems.//
 +  *__**[[Psp games specifications|Games specifications]]**__
 +//Where you will find some information to run the few games which require you more than just getting connected to a single SSID. Dissidia is one of those.//
 +  * __**[[compspscards|Compatible adapters]]**__
 +//Where you will find the complete list of adapters you can use for Kai and check if yours is compatible or not.//
 +  *__**[[Playing on Kai in optimal conditions]]**__
 +//Where you will find tips to reduce your lag and to prevent random disconnections while you are playing, Portforwarding being the first of them.//
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