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 +Get the Kai 7,4 version into the download page(http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/downloads.php) and save it in your desktop.
 +Unzip it onto your desktop. You shall have a Kai engine 7,4-18 folder.
 +Explore it and cut/paste its path(/home/...).
 +Run the terminal(App=>Accessories=>Terminal) now and enter the following:
 +cd (your path)
 +__Before going any further, close your browser if you want this to run the easiest way as possible. Just memorize the rest, starting from this point.__
 +Enter the command.
 +sudo ./kaiengine
 +Enter your password. The engine shall run.
 +And you are done. Enter your kaiTag and password or configure.
 +Once your session is over, close the "Xlink kai 7,4" tab, right click onto the Kai icon at the top and choose "Exit".
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