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 +This game can only be played using a Custom firmware since it requires you to use a homebrew. **It will not work on official firmware.**
 +Download CWcheats which is available here:
 +Find the cheat.db file and edit with a text editor(like Notepad). Hint the following code:
 +_C0 Kai SSID Kotei
 +_L 0x2052E180 0x69477559
 +_L 0x2052E184 0x00344654
 +Enter the recovery mode of your Psp: turn it off and let R pressed while turning it on back.
 +Go to plugin and enable cwcheat.prx .
 +Start your game and hold SELECT for three seconds. You should now see the cwcheat menu. Find the code into the list, enable it, go back to the main menu and enable cheats.
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