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About Xlink Kai


XLink Kai: Evolution VII lets you connect with other console users around the world, and play online games for free. XLink Kai: Evo VII tricks your console into thinking that the other users it is connecting to over the Internet, are actually part of a Local Area Network. This is the basis of system-link gaming, where friends would gather around in the same house and play over 2 or more consoles. With XLink Kai: Evo VII, you now have the option to test your skills out with anybody in the world. As for the technical aspects of tunnelling network packets, we won't bore you with that…


Supports XBox, Playstation2, Gamecube and PSP system-link / LAN enabled games.

  • 2 gaming modes (Messenger and Arena).
  • WinPCap-less.
  • Integrated chat in all areas.
  • No port-forwarding required on almost all network setups.
  • PC to PC and PC to XBox Dashboard voicechat using the SPEEX codec.
  • Extremely simple and global user-interface.
  • Auto-update on startup.
  • Multi-console compatible.
  • Compatible with wireless networks (not all wireless network setups).
  • Superior compression algorithms for less lag.
  • Support for university dorms and proxies such as Italian FastWeb ISP.
  • Trusted clan and tournament / ladder arenas.
  • Remote functionality through homebrew dashboards (for XBox users only)
  • Lots more features for you to discover!
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