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Belkin F5D7050 Guide for Windows Xp.

This adapter is the most popular in Europe for Kai. You could find it easily in many shops.

I have made it work with the 7,3 version of Kai.

Here is the adapter.

The back side of it should look like this.

To make it work with Kai, you have to use these drivers.

Step One: Installing the drivers.

Once you download the archive, unzip it somewhere in your hard disk.

Plug your key right now. You will always have to plug it into the same plug as you did. Unless, Xp will not recognize it.

You have to manually install it. Even though it is in French the circles to fill are the same.

Browse to the directory of the driver: you will get to them.

Choose the Rt73.inf .

Continue away and you are done.

Here is the part which makes the difference with non compatible adapters.

Go into the properties of the key(Control Panel, System, Device manager…).

Advanced, scroll down: you will see the psp xlink mode. Enable it.

Here we are for the first step.

Step two: Kai configuration.

Go to configure Kai. I remind you have to use the 7,3 version.

Full it as follow except for personal data like Xtag or portfowarding.

You are now ready to play with Kai. Feel free to PM me if you have any question.

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