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Only the clan leader shall apply for the clan arena. Multiple applications will result in all of them being rejected.

  • Must have at least 10 active members.
  • Must have a website with a proper domain eg. - no free hosting or domains.
  • This web site must contain updated information on your clan, along with a current members page.
  • Also, the website needs to be of a reasonable standard and have an active forum, for inter-clan communication.
  • Website must not promote or endorse piracy or offensive materials / activities as also detailed in the XLink AUP.
  • Offensive names will result in rejection
  • Must remain an active clan. This will be checked by Team XLink during the application review and throughout your stay with us.
  • Application processing time should be a maximum of 7 days, but no guarantees are held.
  • Do not contact us regarding the status of your application or it will be removed.
  • Having a clan arena is a privilege not a right. Any misbehavior, misconduct, or other forms of defying the AUP can serve as a legitimate reason to have the clan arena removed, along with any other disciplinary action taken, as deemed necessary by a moderator/admin.

- original rules implemented by duke_uk. Minor edits by (-TU-)Kovert-xX

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