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Glad to see that some clans are making full use of the Kai's Arenas by adding custom content to their homes.

You can see if customized content has been added to an arena by clicking on the “i”.

Dont forget to say hi while you're there :-)

If you have your clan arena and want to make use of it then here are some sugestions:

  • Don't just add your main clan website as your customized content URL as it wont look good as it most likley wont fit into the 220px wide window.
  • Make your customized content URL page is the correct size, so that it fits in the web panel, use 210px as a basis of your maximum width.
  • Upload this page to your domain. ie “
  • If adding weblinks on your content to full size pages, then use the “target=“_blank” paremeter to your <a href> tag so that they open in a new window.
  • Once you have your customized content URL made, put the URL in at arena managment (it's just below where you enter your Welcome message)
  • Enter the exact name of where the website is.
  • Check other clan arena's for ideas.

Examples include (resize your browser's window to about the size of the content panel in Kai to see how it would look within Kai itself. Alternatively, you can go into the respective Clans Arena and view the content in the client itself.-original post by Team XLink Administrator taz

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