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For the Attention of All Kai Clan / Group Arena Managers

There has been some improvements in the arena management scripts and should make it easier for you to control your Arena's.

Although these are your homes, and you can control them as you see fit (in keeping with the spirit of the AUP) we do need to have some uniformity when creating groups.

As you know you can create groups to restrict access into some or even all of your arena's so that you have private meetings, or just keep out the undesirables.

When editing an arena you can select any group and give them access to your arena, because of this it's important that your groups are called something recognisable.

This could either be your clan name or clan tag followed by an descriptor, this will also help keep all your groups in the same place in the list.


  • [Clan Name]friends
  • [Clan Name]members
  • [XXX]friends
  • [XXX]members

This will help as well for organising inter-clan tournaments and challenges as you can set up an arena that will only allow members from each clan to enter.

Many thanks


-original post by taz

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