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GW-US54Mini2W for Windows 7

Step 1.

Download the driver.

Step 2. Extract the setup and run it Windows XP (Service Pack 3) compatibility mode. It doesn't matter if you use the utility or not.

Step 3. Go to device manager and right-click GW-US54Mini2W, then click on Update Driver Software.

Step 4. Choose browse my computer for software.

Step 5. Choose let me choose from a list of devices on my computer.

Step 6. Choose PCI GW-US54Mini2W (Ralink) and click next.

Step 7. After the driver finish installing go back to the device manager and right click GW -US54Mini2W and click on properties, go to the advanced tab and choose PSP Xlink Mode and enable it.

After you've done this your GW-US54Mini2W should be all set to use XLinkKai. This process should take less than 10 minutes. Have fun.

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