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Install the latest driver of your Planex.

Once you click on the first link, you will be sent to another page. Click “downloads” in the tab.

Then you will see this page:

Now open the driver you just downloaded, and after accepting smoe terms you will get this screen:

I chose Microsoft Zero Configuration Tool. Then click next and let it install.

Once you finish installing it you will see a wireless connection icon in your taskbar's tray(the one by the clock).

Now right click on the icon and click on Status and you will get a window.

Click on properties. It will show you another window.

Click Configure and yet another window will appear.

Click on the advanced tab…

Then look for PSP Xlink Mode and Enable it.

Now turn on your PSP and load the game, go to multiplayer mode on Network(or wireless) and make sure it is in the “waiting for opponents” screen. Now view the avaiable networks on the planex usb adaptor and look for a connection that starts with “PSP”, connect to it and wait till it is connected. This should be all for the USB adaptor.

Now open up Start Kai Config and try to match the settings to my configuration. Of course the username and pass would be your username and pass(Xtag).

Now all you need to do(theorically) is to open Start Kai. Once it loads and all, click on the circled button(the one with an ugly 1 near it) THEN click on the folder icon with the ugly number 2 near it.

And finally you should get a screen like this which will mean your PSP and Planex adaptor are connected.

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