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Planex Device Phase:

1. Plugged the Planex Device Mini in, AHhh there it is, no driver though.

- Device manager shows it, but no driver…(Device manager? Click Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, and click device manager, or right click My Computer, Propierties, Hardware tab and Device manager.)

3. Drivers Link: download, Unzip and install * Options to take in the installer, INSTALL DRIVER AND WLAN UTILITY, and the CONFIGURATION TOOL

4. After its finished you will see the Planex Wireless Utility that installed (the Configuration Tool).

- And in the device manager notice that we have the Planex Device correctly detected now.

5. Lets configure it, right click it and Propierties

- Its open.

-Go to advanced tab.

-See the MOST WANTED “PSP Xlink mode” option? So the option is found, just Enable it and click OK, the planex device is ready now.

Xlink Kai Phase:

6. Lets launch Xkai now, open it up, BUT first we have to configurate it, right click the tray icon and hit Configuration.

- Try to match all the settings with mine, the significant thing here are the ports(I made a mistake: unlike it is shown on the screen, the deep port shall remain at zero).

PSP → Planex Phase:

7. Xkai is ready now lets make the PSP talk with the Planex, Get your PSP, go to the main menu, MAKE SURE that your PSP Network Connection is running in ADHOC mode, Channel one…. then Launch Monster Hunter, go to the Online Gathering Hall, you will see the Wifi light start blinking, walk to the table and sit down damnit, we have work to do. Now open the Planex Wireless utility, no PSP eh? im in the Offline hall, now im going to the Online hall……. Hall 1………. Wifi blinks….

- Tadaahhhhh PSP is in sight, you can try Rescanning, it will show up, so ur PSP wifi is blinking, planex saw it, select the PSP and click connect!

- You will see that windows has opened a Wifi connection after you hit Connect to the PSP, its the PSP.

8. Open Xkai now, ur logged in, then open the Diagnosis button up there (the Zoom tool thing).

9. SO join up in some arenas, go there, join up, blalbalblala, talk to them, wait till the PSP says GUY X has joined the guild hall and walk around, ull see a Red Arrow with no player in sight, dont worry wait a min, they will popup and stop being GHOSTS IN THE HALLLLL. Enjoy…. Read some Facts down below……. so u dont go nuts in the hall yelling and crying….

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