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How do I join the Team XLink Moderator team?

So many people have asked the question before and well… I guess it’s about time that we inform you of what we are looking for.

First and most importantly, everyone needs to know that you do not become a moderator by asking for it. That only shows that you are not willing to work for something, but want it handed to you. With that said, this is what we look for when we ask someone within our community to join the Team XLink Moderator team.

  1. Knowledge of our application and or services. You do not need to possess knowledge on every system XLink Kai runs on, but strong skills in one or moderate skills in more than one system is a big plus. (Windows/Linux/WRT/MAC/XBMC and so on)
  2. Able to stick with a problem through fruition. The biggest and busiest sections of our forum are the Help Request and General Help sections. This is where any user within the community that has a problem is pointed to get assistance. Some Help Requests can go days before the problem gets resolved while some can be a simple config update. We assist them until the problem is resolved or you know it just will not work with the setup in place.
  3. Respect. In a situation where someone is helpless, emotions can get in the way of support. As a soon to be member of the Team XLink Moderator team it is extremely important that we remain calm and only state the facts. Yes most problems have been answered a million times, but what’s a million and one?
  4. Dedication. No matter if you are on the forum assisting members of our community or within application playing games, you represent Team XLink. Users will see the status “Moderator” on your name and want/demand help. If you don’t have time to help, you should at least have time to point them to the proper help sections of our forum.

Things are going to be busy for us within 2008. Team XLink will be monitoring our forum and application for users that possess the skill set that we are looking for to join our team. If you feel you have what it takes to join the team, don’t tell us. Just show us by lending a helping hand. Do it enough times and someone from our team will notice you, and from there the sky is the limit.

Thank you,

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