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How to tell if your adapter will work with Xlinkkai?

First method.

The Psp Xlink Mode is the Kai's bread and butter: it links your Internet connection and your Psp's signal through the adapter to let you play online.

It appears some wireless cards which are not the official ones (Planex dongles) have this plugin as well.

It is possible to check if your card has it or not.

Press Windows+R on your keyboard. Hint devmgmt.msc and press enter. You shall see your device manager list appearing.

Right click on your adapter and go to the properties as shown below.

Advanced tab, scroll down all the list. If you see the Psp xlink mode, enable it.

Set your adapter as your “network adapter” in the Kai's configuration, connect your Psp to it through the SSID broadcast when you get into the Adhoc's screen of your game and run Kai.

If it does not have the Psp xlink mode, an another option remains. Try the following.

Second method.

Get into that site, enter your card's specifications and display them.

If you see “ZD…”, “rt73” or “rt2500” as the chipset of your card, it is compatible then. Just follow the appropriate guides; even if the adapter shown is not yours, the process remains the same.

Zydas (ZD…): Xp/Vista/Windows 7

Ralink(as rt73): Xp/Vista/Windows 7

Ralink(as rt2500): Xp/Vista/Seven

Third method

Test for promiscuous mode

This mode essentially makes it so your network card can receive/read all packets on the network your on, not just the ones directed to your card specifically.

PromiscDetect Tool

1. Inorder to run that tool you need to first run a thing called Command Prompt…


2. In that Command Prompt box you need to do one of the following…..(either A or B)

A. Drag promiscdetect.exe into the command prompt box and it should automatically make the right path for it. From there you need to hit enter…

B. Right click the file and hit “properties” and look under “Location” and copy what it says there. Simply just add a \promiscdetect.exe after that and hit enter.

Example- In my case it was “C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\Desktop” under location. The full path the file you would type in would be “C:\Documents and Settings\Mike\Desktop\promiscdetect.exe”

3. After you hit enter the tool should run and show you what filters or “modes” are active on each Network Adapter on your computer. Look under the network adapter you are testing. If it says “promiscuous” under the filters for the card you are testing, it will work for the PSP connection to kai. If it does not list that, it simply wont. There is a picture below as an example of how a card that WOULD work with the PSP connecting to it would look like..

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