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IF YOU HAVE DSL, YOUR MODEM IS A ROUTER .. this is a pain for a lot of people who have a router, its a mess for portforwarding but it will work .. there's a few options ..

you need to 'daisy chain' the forward .. you have to forward from the modem to the router and then from the router to the PC running kai ..

one way to login to the modem is to plug the modem straight into your computer , let the PC get an ip from it .. login , set the forward to the IP of your router. You can also use DMZ (google it) to the IP of your router .. if it will let you .. plug it back in to your router.

another way which is most likely the easiest is to plug the modem into one of the LAN ports on your router .. it will just be used as a switch and your PC should pick up the IP from the modem than you only have to forward from the modem to the PC ..

-original post by [tHc]hicaow

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