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KaidCommander is a program for Mac OS X to start and stop the kaid engine (from Team Xlink ). It includes the engine GUI's jKaiui and Amaryllis.

Kaid Commander


Kaid Commander 1.0 (RC 4.2)


File size: 1.64 MB

Translators Needed. Can you help translate Kaid Commander from English into another langauage? Contact me with your email and the language you can help translate and I will send you a Kaid Commander Developers Language Kit (hmmm… I guess that is a KCDLK?).

Official Kaid Commander Support Forum.

Download the most recent version (See the download link just above!). The current version is “Kaid Commander 1.0 (RC 4.2) rev #26” in the SVN checkout. Drag the Kaid Commander App to your Applications folder. Double Click it to start. The user interface will open and an alert will notify you that you need to set up the kaid configuration file. The configuration drawer will open and as you enter information, the “Save” button will become available.

Kaid Setup

Most of the default settings will be suitable. The only things you NEED to enter are your XTag and Password. You may want to check “Auto Login”. If you have questions about any of the settings, click the help button next to the configuration option and a help viewer info panel will open. The other item you may want to change is the output verbosity which will direct how much info is displayed in the information text area of the main window.

Kaid Config Help

Click the “Save” button when you are done. The configuration file will be written and the drawer will close. A confirmation will be displayed if everything was executed correctly and you will now be able to start kaid. If you simply closed the drawer and did not save any information to the config file, the “Start Kaid” button will be available, but, as no config file exists yet, you will get an error. All the info you enter into the config drawer is saved in your user preferences so when you upgrade Kaid Commander, you will need to save the config file again, but all your info will already be entered. Just hit save!

Kaid Configuration Saved

Now Click the “Start Kaid” button.

Kaid Start

The engine will start, and depending on how you set the verbosity in the config drawer, information will be written to the Kaid Commander information text area. The screenshot below shows Kaid Commander with the verbosity set to “3”.

Kaid Running

Now the buttons for jKaiUI and Amaryllis are available and the icon for Kaid Commander (in the dock) has changed from “Idle” (orange) to “Running” (green). The config button is now disabled as you cannot make changes to the configuration while the engine is running.

If at any time there is an error, the kaid engine may stop. An alert will appear, notifying you of the error (which you can report in the Team Xlink Forums) and the Kaid Commander icon will change to “Stopped” (red). You can also stop the engine at any time by clicking the “Stop Kaid” button.

Kaid Stopped

As a saftey precaution, to protect your systems memory, when you close the Kaid Commander window, the application will stop the engine (if it is running) and quit kaid commander. If you try to close the window while the engine is running, an alert will popup notifying you that the engine is running and closing the window will stop the engine and quit this application.

Kaid Alert

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