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How to configure Xlink Kai 7.4.

Download Latest version here

Notes: If you are a first time user: Xlink kai is a lan emulator which allows yout to play systemlink games with neighbours/players from around the globe. This guide is just a reference for xbox360 systems.

This configuration was tested on both RGH 360´s located in different parts of venezuela with pings about 31/32 ms. This is a particular configuration tezted on GOW3, and WORKS with every other game on the Kai new version. Both users were on routered networks under wired configurations and should works too on modem/network card configurations as long as you apply these settings to your xbox.

Important: Your friends and you need to be at the same network mask ( and same ip Scheme (In Example:

Steps to follow

If you are using router, you need to set an ip range from (This is not a mandatory scheme but that was what i was using on my TP-Link router).

Go to your router´s config by openning a web browser and set there your router´s ip. Then click enter button and apply your password. In most cases log/passwords are always the same (admin/admin). Once you are there, check go to LAN settings and make you sure the subnet mask is set also the same IP scheme your buddies are using.

Next Step

Open an IP´s range to In my case, i set my pc to an static IP, so no matter how many devices i have, the computer are always gonna be that way and xbox can be whatever ip under that range. I.E or 106, its wonna work either way, randomly or not.

So its gonna look this way after the changes. Note: xbox was turned to off at that point.

Ok, enough of that. Lets make the job done here.

Once your network is fully loaded and working: Turn on your xbox: Mine is a Reset Glitch Hack Slim, so i let the console boots into an FSD just to make sure the xbox got the proper IP.

Sweet, now we go the to the NXE interfase (MS original dashboard). Since i do have a RGH i did set my dashlaunch shortcuts to get there from “miniblade/system” configuration secuence. Then, follow this path: Network configuration/Wired Network/Configure Network. Now with the Automatic configuration. If you did follow the tutorial step by step you must see this image (sorry for pics quality):

Note:[/b] Dont worry about DNS´s. Every provider works under their own settings. OK, good news, if you have something similar to this and your friends are using same IP scheme and Subnetwork Masks you are just ready to move forward. This config worked with GOW3, Halo Reach, HAWX2, Red Dead Redemption. I do need to test more games but im pretty sure all systemlink builted in games are gonna work. My suggestion: No need to change MAC´s on slim models. But if you want to do that, ok, go to advanced settings and change the alternative MAC to one that fits according your IP. This step was inspired on Chuchox tutorial on how to config Older versions of Kai to work with GOW3. (Look Manual Settings section).

Now with the Manual configuration.

Then, follow this path: Network configuration/Wired Network/Configure Network. Pick manual settings and set your config as the picture above. Like i told above, no matter which config you want to apply as long your buddies have the same IP and Subnet Mask schemes. Just remember to switch to a manual ip on your pc under the Network Device options/ Protocol IPV4/. If you wanna go with Chuchox tutorial, which implies you need to change your config to an ip based on on the latest four signs of your MAC address, you can check it here:

NOTE: I dont think manual config its no longer necessary if you are under a router and did follow the tut step by step.

Either way, you should be more than ok to play, so lets go to the latest kai interfase which you can download from here Once you installed it, go to kai settings. You should set it like this if you are running it under regular conditions PC/XBOX on the same network.

NOTE: If your are planning to run kai through FSD (Freestyle Dashboard), Set it this way and just run Kai engine form the PC, NOT THE WEB OR USER, JUST THE ENGINE.

For first time users on FSD, go to FSD/General Settings/Kai Menu or Online Menu, depending on the Skin. Im using a Metro Style i got from (Then ill set credits to that awesome job)

Then, move to Login Settings

Need to pick these settings now:

OK, At thise point i noticed That skin wont load KAI interfase on FSD, so ill move to the default skin provided with the original installation. Go to Network tab on FSD and if you did right you should see this screen:

“System attached to Xlink Kai” Engine means you are good to go. Now click connect and wait like 30 seconds engine starts on FSD. You should see this now:

Click on “PLay Online” Tab and then ou will see a list of your Systemlink games.

Important: In order to join games or host you Need to be sure you are going into a private arena in order to play. I did never understand that but lets just enjoy fellas.

Update: You can play matches on regular rooms, an the latest version of the FSD allows you to choose wether you wanna go private or public. Nice feature!!

By Radiocasehead

Team XLink

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