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Ok , so you want to play Playstation 3 on XLink Kai ? No problem , just read and apply the following steps carefully.

1. Start up XLink Kai first before you switch on your Playstation 3 .

2. Switch on your Playstation 3 & you should see a message that says : DNS Error . Don't panic, it is supposed to do that . Here is a movie showing what will happen :

PS3 DNS Error - YouTube

3. Now start up a Playstation 3 game with a lan option . Go to the multiplayer part of the game and go to the lan option . Press Join Game .

Here is a movie showing the Rainbow Six Vegas Ps3 Lan Option :

Vegas PS3 Lan Option - YouTube

4. Now go back to XLink Kai and check the Diagnostics Mode . (Clicking that globe should take you to the screen shown below. Let it sit at that screen for a few seconds, then click on the magnifying glass next to the globe in the upper right-hand corner labeled “Switch to Diagnostics Mode.”)

5. In the section with the check mark, under “Network Reachable” it should read as YES. In the section with the green arrow, under “Network Card” it should read your PC's network card. Underneath that where it says “Locked” it should read as YES. If your network card is not locked, Kai will not be able to configure your Playstation 3 correctly.

6. Now finally the moment of truth. Are your PS3 and Kai Engine configured correctly to work together…? Click on the folder tab underneath the question mark in the upper right-hand corner labeled “Switch to Diagnostics View.” There you should see a message that says “Sony PlayStation 3, configured successfully.” Similar to what's seen below in the picture… Yes , it's a picture of a PS2 , but if it says : configured successfully , then you're ok to go. It's also possible that you only see a mac address. If it's not red you're also ok to go.

7. This is the configuration I had to do to make XLink Kai work for me. Those of whom I've helped with their setups using this same configuration have pretty much all been successful, if they've followed the directions. There are also other methods of connecting your computer & Playstation 3 to the Kai engine, such as the Dual NIC method, which can be found in the XLink Setup Help section.

8. Once you have finished playing on XLink Kai & you want to play on the PSN Network again , close XLink Kai & restart your Playstation 3 . There will be no DNS Error & you will be able again to play on PSN .

I would like to thank XLink Kai and for the help with this Guide .

-original tutorial by M1k3_NL

-transfer and minor edits by (-TU-)Kovert-xX

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