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Belkin Wireless G USB Network Adapter F5D7050B & Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit.

So that out of the way with, credit goes to skmito for writing a guide and inspiring me to test and write a guide for this wireless adapter.

Coincidentally, skmito's guide made using the D-Link DWL-G122 C1 adapter, uses the same drivers I used for the Belkin F5D7050B, downloadable below.

This is what my adapter looks like:

Take a look at the back of it to the get the exact model number:

Check out the following link if you're unsure as to what version card you have:

Get your drivers here!! [ ]

If it appears you have the fourth version, you will have to use these drivers instead: Since they are packaged in a setup.exe, just run through each step of the installment's process and while your is fully set up, enable the Psp Xlink Mode like done below.

I-Setting up the adapter.

Now I had no idea how to install the drivers so I merely extracted the folder within the .rar file to my desktop:

So the next stage was slightly unorthodox. I plugged in the adapter and Vista wanted the CD for the drivers (which I didn't have). At this point I quit the automatic driver install and attempted a manual install.

Manually install the drivers.

First, go to Device Manager and right-click on the wireless adapter, usually marked with Exclamation and select Update Driver Software.

Then select the 2nd option - Browse my computer for driver software:

Then select the Driver folder, wherever you extracted it too. In my case, the desktop and hit Next:

You'll then be met with the dreaded “Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software” message. Ignore that and install it anyway:

Hopefully, the ordeal will end with a heart-warming message “Windows has successfully updated your driver software” Belkin 54g Wireless USB Network Adapter by C@:

The next step is of vital importance!

Go back into Device Manager, right-click on your Belkin 54g Wireless Adapter and go to Properties.

Then click Advanced and go down to PSP Xlink Mode and enable it.

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS).

To complete the adapter install, you will probably need to enable ICS(for Internet Connection Sharing).

To do this, go into your Network and Sharing Center, followed by 'View Status' of your LAN, then properties.

Go to the Sharing tab and check both boxes making sure to select the name of the new wireless connection, in my case, Wireless Network Connection 4:

II-Configure Kai for your adapter.

At this point if you havn't already, please download the latest version of Xlink Kai available from our homepage under the downloads tab:

The next step is basically only to demonstrate the need to select your adapter via Kai Configuration. You will need to enter more information such as username, password and other set-up requirements.

Once installed, go to Kai Configuration:

Fill in the information that applies to you.

Note Under 'Port' mine is set to '0' as I do not need to Port Forward. If you do need to port forward, this is the value you change to 30000. See the guide: Portforwarding's guide

Make sure to select your Belkin 54g adapter from the dropdown list!

So hit Save on the Kai Config screen and goto back to your PSP.

III-Set-up the PSP.

In your PSP Network Settings, make sure the Ad Hoc channel is set to 1.

Load up the game, (in my case Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) and go to the ad hoc lobby or with MHFU, the Online Gathering Hall.

Next enter Gathering Hall 01:

And there you are. But wait…where is everyone? They're not there yet!! Noone will appear yet, dont worry!

IV-Loading Kai and connecting to others.

Load Kai:

If all is going to plan, you should see the Kai Engine display the change of game SSID message in the bottom-right of your p/c screen:

Next, navigate your way to the game arena you are playing:

But wait, still noone in the Guild Hall??…

V-Connect to the Network.

Although there maybe users in the Kai arena, you won't see ayone until you connect to the SSID via your p/c.

Right-click on your network connection which is usually located in the bottom right-had corner of your taskbar and select Network and Sharing Center.

Then select Manage Network Connections:

Next highlight the Belkin 54g Wireless adapter (in my case Wireless Network Connection 4):

Right-click on that connection and scroll down to Connect/Disconnect:

Then select your wireless connection, in my case, Wireless Network Connection 4:

Another warning message approaches, ignore it and hit Connect Anyway:

Followed by another message to inform you that you have successfully connected to that network:

Here comes the good bit!…

Hit your Metrics button in the upper-middle of your Kai UI and scroll down to see your PSP's Mac address (you should have a series of numbers and letters there, not a blurry mess as mine shows):

If you take a look at your PSP, users should start to appear. In the case of Monster Hunter, players that appear as grey are currently on a quest, whereas player names in white are not:

Hurray! I'm not alone anymore…

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