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Please follow the following guidelines when reporting a Cheater.

#1 and perhaps the most important, are you sure they are cheating, or are they just that good, some people who play a lot of games online develop skills that may appear to others that they are cheating;

#2 Laggg: some games do weird things when its a poor connection, sometimes you may have killed an opponent, but it takes a couple of seconds for the game to catch up.

#3 Glitches: some games have glitches some gamers exploit these to their advantage, technically its not cheating but some may say differently, its a grey area, unsportsmanlike yes… cheating no. (an example of this is the RS3 leaning glitch, where if you know how you can lean and not get hit by direct fire)

#4 Private Arena's: if the guys that are cheating are in their own private arena that is either locked or has a description saying that they are cheating or running a trainer, that’s fine. They're not doing anything wrong.

#5 Reporting: If you are certain that they are cheating please provide us with the following information, In game name / XLink User name / What they are doing, if you have facilities to take screen shots or video this would be ideal, and you can report them publicly in this forum, perhaps other users will back you up.

We have set up an additional forum for Mods and Admins to discuss cheaters, and co-ordinate our investigations.

Any users found to be cheating will be excluded from this service permanently, and as such we need to be certain of our facts.

Our aim is to make this service a fair place to play and have fun.

Thank you for your continued support.

-original post by taz

-minor edits by (-TU-)Kovert-xX

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