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Unfortunately, from time to time, we have users that decide to disregard the AUP and misbehave in the chat arenas. This can be any form of spamming/flooding, racism, or serious disrespect toward others.

This kind of crap is not tolerated in our community.

If you see this, we would kindly ask that you report it by taking a screen shot of the chat arena showing the offense the user has committed. You can do so by hitting the Prnt Scrn key located somewhere toward the top right of your keyboard, and pasting it into an application such as Paint, by opening up the program and hitting Ctrl + v. You then may upload it to a site such as and paste the url with the correct image tags [img][/img] around the link.

A moderator will be glad to assist and provide the disciplinary action of which he/she deems necessary for that user.

Thanks a bunch,


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