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First off to have any Special Interest arena you must provide a service that will require it. Like a Tournament or Ladder site or both.

What we will be looking for;

  • A nice web site to help promote and support the arena to your community.
  • At least 50 active users using the system
  • The site and arena must house at least 2 console games
  • The requestor must have an active message board for their users/community
  • More on what we are looking for as the demand arises.

With anything we must set some rules;

  • Do not post problems with any special interest sites or competitions on the XLink Kai forums. We are not affiliated with any of those sites!
  • Do not spam your competitions in “any” arena. What you can do is post something clean and to the point once an hour until game day when you will be able to post it every 30 minutes to promote the game/competition (in the arena for that game only).
  • Do not post any information about upcoming events in “ANY” private arenas password or not.
  • If your competitions slow down or if the users move on to another competition site, we may remove part or all of your arena. (we will speak before we go and do this to any arena).
  • Having an arena is a privilege not a right, we can remove it at any time for any reason, please keep that in mind!

Please keep in mind that this will be updated as needed so check back here often. Thank you

Team XLink

-original post by SS-Funk

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