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XBOX 360 Support

1.) System Link & the 30ms cap. System Link was designed to send a signal inside of an existing “home” network and as such has a latency cap of 30ms. I know some of you who are familiar with internet gaming are saying, “Whoa! 30ms is hella low! WTF M$!” Something to keep in mind is that System Link was never intended for long-range network gaming. As such you need to not worry so much about your ping as you do about other users. Once we have everything installed and running & you see other users in a game, take a look at thier ping. If they're above 35ms, YOU WILL NEVER CONNECT TO THEM! Now unless your on DSL or god forbid dial-up this has nothing to do with your internet connection and everything to do with your location. If you ask someone with a 85ms ping where they live, odds are it's 200+ miles away. Your goal out of this whole thing should be to locate local gamers & add them to your contacts list. If you see someone with a 35ms or less, add them. It's as simple as that. If they're over 40ms, it isn't going to happen & if they say they live in your town with a 40ms, either their network/internet or yours is the culprit. Also if your using a wireless connection between your either your pc or 360 with the router, shut it off and hook up a direct connection. THIS WILL NOT WORK ON WIFI!

2.) XLink Kai Configuration. After installing XLink Kai your going to need to configure it. Open a web browser and go to the following URL - If it doesn't work, make sure you see the “XLink Kai Engine” icon down by your clock. If not, launch “Start Kai” from the Start menu, then try it again. Assuming you're now staring at a black configuration screen. Under “Network Settings” you're going to want to select your Network Adapter from the drop-down menu & the port should be defaulted to 30000. If it isn't change it to 30000. You don't need to mess with any other Network Settings but just to the right you'll see

“Engine Settings”. Enter the username and password you registered with on Xlinks website: I recommend checking “Auto Open Chat” as it'll auto put you into chat for any games you join & it's quite helpful if you're experiencing problems connecting.

3.)Port Forwarding

4.) Xbox 360 MAC Address. There's a bit of speculation as to whether or not this is required and that's why I covered it last. Before I even get going on how or why to do it I'll just say that I DID need this. I'm not even certain exactly what

changing the 360 MAC address could possibly do to help, but after changing it I could see my system. So before you do all of the MAC hoopla, lets check if you can already see your 360 at this point. Fire up XLink Kai and click on the “search glass” icon located at the top of the menu to the left. Once clicked the line of icons directly below will change to just one folder, click it. If you see “No Consoles have been detected yet!”, make sure your 360 is in the System Link portion of the game you're trying to play and that you're on the “Join Game” screen. Once there if the “No Consoles have been detected yet!” page doesn't auto update to show a picture of the original Xbox with a MAC address proceed with the instructions below:

On the 360 Dashboard navigate to - System Settings>Network Settings>Configure Network>Additional Settings Tab>Advanced Settings>Alternative MAC Address Use: 00125A as the first 6 digits & randomly fill in the last 6 unique digits in any combination of 0-9 or A-E with the second digit in each number pair being an even number, A,C,or, E. Example: Paired: 00 12 5A 34 78 12 As Entered On 360: 00125A347812 It's not as complicated as it looks and once you see how easy it actually is you'll be kicking yourself. Click Done. At this point some say you need to reboot the 360, I didn't have to. Now load up a game and navigate to System Link & attempt to join a game. In the Diagnostics View (the little folder icon we got too by clicking the search glass at the top of left-side menu) you should now see the Xbox.

If you still have any problem, post in this thread.

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