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Switch WebUI to KaiUI

we need everyone to switch to the new engine .. it will be mandatory at some point soon. having said that we realize that for whatever reason people may not want or can not use the new WebUI ..

the 'old' kaiUI is still available to all users with the new 7.4 engine installed , you will still enjoy / benefit from a number of new features.

to change UI's load the config .

- right click on engine in tray , Configuration

- in the WebUI click the kai logo / broken circle top left to enter config.

- on the login screen of the WebUI click Configure Kai

- click start / programs / xlink / config (yes we know , no icons)

now select Standard UI and make sure the box says kaiUI.exe , reload kai.

if none of those methods work because you can't access the WebUI you may need to edit the config file manually. on a windows machine go here

c:\documents settings\username\application data\XLink Kai\

and edit kaiUserConfig.txt change

# Use Web User Interface instead of GUI program kaiWebUI=1

to a 0 .. save and reload kai. should load the oldy but goody :]

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