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Connect PSP with Tenda W541U USB Adapter

This Wifi adapter can be found in many places, mine came from at the very reasonable price of £9.69 including delivery (google GBP-USD or GBP-AUD currency converter to get an idea of exactly how cheap this adapter is!) So it's cheap and from what I can tell so far, reliable and fairly easy to set-up.

This guide has been written for Windows 7 32-Bit. It is still to be confirmed as to whether it will work on XP and/or Vista.

Here's what the adapter should look like:

1) Install the drivers.

a) Insert the CD (that comes with the adapter)

*If you don't have the CD, you can grab them here*:

b) Hit the 'Run set up exe' option:

c) Hopefully, the splash screen follows:

d) You'll then arrive at the next screen so just hit 'Next':

e) You may then be asked to plug in the adapter, I suggest you do so:

f) Then you'll be asked where you want to install the drivers, just hit 'Next':

g) Hit 'Next' again to copy the files:

h) The files will start copying:

i) Then you'll see the 'Windows can't verify the publisher of this driver software' warning message, hit 'Install this driver software anyway' option:

j) You should then get the 'Adapter install complete' message:

k) Followed by a Windows notification on the bottom-right of your taskbar:

j) Now might be a good time to check your driver details, they should look something like this:

2) Enabling PSP Xlink Mode:

a) Next, go to 'Device Manager' and right-click on 'Tenda Wireless USB Adapter' (under the 'Network Adapters' tree):

b) Then, click on the 'Advanced' tab and scroll down to the 'PSP Xlink Mode' option and enable it:

3) Installing and configuring Xlink Kai:

a) If you havn't done so already, please download and install the latest version of Xlink - 7.4.18 from here under the 'Downloads' tab:

TIP If you experience problems opening Xlink in your default web browser, try opening it with a different one!

Once it's extracted and installed, go to 'Configure Kai':

b) You'll then need to enter your Kai username and password:

c) After which, should take you to the following screenshot.


Please input all details relevant to you, making sure to select the 'Tenda W541U Wireless USB Adapter' from the drop-down menu under the 'Network Adapter' menu.

4) Start your PSP! Load up the game you intend to play online with Xlink (in this instance, I used Monster Hunter Freedom Unite) and go to the online Gathering Hall:

5) Starting Xlink Kai:

a) You should now have a similar set of icons in the bottom-right of your p/c taskbar, with the Tenda icon in brown and the Xlink Kai Engine icon in white:

b) If you hover your mouse over the Tenda icon, it should say the following:

c) On start-up of Xlink, you should now get an Xlink pop-up window in the bottom right of your p/c showing the Kai Engines change of PSP game SSID:

d) Now navigate your way to the game arena of the game you are playing, in my case, the MHFU arenas:

TIP Here you will see players on Xlink but you WON'T see anyone as yet on your PSP until you follow the last steps, connecting the PSP to the wireless network.

6) Connecting the PSP to the wireless network.

a) Right-click on your network icon (bottom-right on taskbar) and go into the option 'Open Network and Sharing Center':

b) Then, click on the 'Connect to a Network' option:

c) Then find the Tenda's wireless network, in my case called 'Wireless Network Connection 3':

d) Then click on 'Connect':

You should now start seeing users appearing on your PSP.

If they do - Bingo! You're good to go! If not…

7) Checking your configuration: If you still don't see anyone in the Guild Hall (GH) after following this guide and you need help or if you're so inclined, you can check everything by clicking on the 'Metrics' tab on the Kai UI:


If things aren't working as outlined above, things to check for are:

Under 'Network Reachable' it must say 'YES'. If after you've navigated your way out of 'General Chat' and it still says 'Not Yet' you will need to port forward.

Port Forward help here: Port Forwarding

Secondly 'Network Adapter' it should say 'Tenda W541U Wirelss USB Adapter'. If it doesn't, that means that it hasn't installed properly or you didn't select it as the wireless adapter you want to use in Kai Configuration.

Lastly, at the bottom of your Kai Metrics information, it should show the SSID of the game you are playing and should show under 'Found Consoles' your PSP and MAC address. If all this shows in Kai Metrics and it still doesn't work, please post here where your set-up differs from that on this guide.


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