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White Wifi Max guide for Windows Vista.

I assume you have the following setup:

1.PC with Windows Vista 32 / Windows Vista 64 2.Already installed the latest Version of xlink kai (in my case 7.4.18), and have an account. 3.Have administrator rights on the PC. 4.Bought a Datel Wifi Max (white) with the model WL-685R(written on the back). This model has the RT73 chip set.

1.Download the latest Ralink Driver from . Enter the code to get them.

Once you finished downloading - DO NOT RUN THE DRIVER YET. Instead navigate to the downloaded file and right click on it - choose “properties” and then “compatibility”.

Check the box for the compatibility mode “Windows XP (Service Pack2) and click apply:

Plug in the Wifi Max and ignore any driver installation requests.

Run the installer and install the driver. As the configuration utility we will choose “Microsoft Zero Configuration Tool” - after that just click next until the installation is done.

There might be some warnings regarding the drive - continue anyway.

2.———————— Now open the device manager (quick way: Start and type in devmgmt.msc). The “Rt73 Usb Wireless LAN Card” should show up in the network adaptors section.

Right click on it and choose “Properties” and then “driver” - the date should be 21.20.2008 or newer. If thats the case skip the next step and continue with the configuration (Step 3).

If that is _not_ the case windows installed its own drivers, and we have to choose the driver manually. To do this, change to the driver tab and choose “update driver”

Then choose the lower option:

In the next window choose the lower option again:

On the next Window choose “Have disk” and navigate to the driver folder. It should be “c:\ProgramData\Ralink Driver\RT7x Wireless LAN Card\Driver\” Double click the RT73.inf file and click ok.

You should now see a window that looks like this:

Click on next and then on close. You will be back on the properties Window of the card - close and reopen it.

3.———————— Choose the “advanced” tab. In the list you will have to change the following value:

PSP Xlink mode → choose „Enable“ (This will enable the card to work with xlink) Confirm with „OK“ Note: I also changed the Network type to ad-hoc, but i don't know if that is necessary. Click ok and close the window and the device manager.

4.————————OPTIONAL Open up the network connections window (Quick Way: start and type in control netconnections )

Right click on the Wireless connection and choose “properties”. Double Click on “Internetprotocoll Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Set the values shown in this screen shot:

Click on ok and close the window. Just a quick info why i did this: If you set a static IP Address the connection between the PSP and the card will establish a lot quicker, as you will not have to wait for a address to be assigned.

5.———————— Boot up your PSP Game and go into the multiplayer lobby. In my case i played Monster hunter freedom unite – so its the online gathering hall. If the game you play has more than one lobby, choose always the first one as you will only see people online that are in the same lobby.

Once you are inside the lobby and your psp wifi light is flashing, click on “start” → “connect to”. Another way to establish the connection is clicking on the “2PCs with the globe” icon in the bottom right corner of your task bar and choose “connect to a network”.

In the window choose the PSP_XXXX Network and click connect.

Ignore any warnings regarding the security. Now you are connected with your PSP and are just moments away from playing on xlink kai.

6.———————— Open xlink kai.

What you will see now depends on the client you use, if you use the „Standard-GUI“ do the following, if you use the web interface – see below:

Standard GUI Login into kai and click on the globe – you can choose your games from there but don't do that yet – instead click on the magnifying glass. This will open up the diagnostics mode:

The following option is important:

Network reachable: Yes (can take some time!) – if that is not the case, you will have to forward the port. See the forum for a how to.

Once you verified the options click on the „Folder“ Here it should list a PSP - if it says „Sony PSP,configured successfully“ you are fine. If not, check that you did everything as posted in the guide – if you did please search the forums.

Web interface Login into kai and click on „Metric“ This will open up the diagnostics:

The following options are important:

Network reachable: Yes (can take some time!) – if that is not the case, you will have to forward the port. See the forum for a how to.

Also it should list your PSP here -If not, check that you did everything as posted in the guide – if you did please search the forums.

7.———————— You are ready to go – just choose the game you want to play and open up a lobby or use a existing one. You will see players joining and can start playing.

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