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Xlink Kai vs PSP SSID's! - A TX guide to PSP games SSID's with your wireless adapter.

First off, a disclaimer. I don't claim that I know all there is to know about SSID's and Xlink Kai. What I've written is my interpretation of what I have read and researched from various sources. It's my hope that this guide will give people information only, and it is not to be taken literally. It is subject to change and I welcome your comments or suggestions. Please PM me if you know of anything that is incorrect or untrue.

What is the SSID and how does it work??

OK down to business. The Service Set Indentification or 'SSID' is what each PSP game uses to identify itself uniquely, and to be able to communicate with like games via a wireless, ad hoc network. Sony never intended for PSP's to be played wirelessly, globally. Kai 'tricks' the PSP's into thinking they are within a 10 metre wifi range of each other which in turn allows us to play with players from all over the world.

History lesson over, in theory, all PSP games that support ad hoc multiplayer can be played via Kai. However, whatever technique (as outlined below), you need to use to play a game via Kai, it must be noted that your PING also plays a part in gameplay. If you have a bad Ping with other players, the chances are you will experience some degree of lag and/or unexplained events during play. This is beyond our control!!! It's also worth noting that some games have a ping limit which will not allow you play full stop unless your ping with the other player/s is below a certain figure. An example being the Tekken games where you need a ping of 30 or less to be able to play. Again, this is beyond our control!!

Currently, there are three main types of SSID associated with PSP ad hoc play.

Blue = Easiest to use, good news for us Very Happy
Green = Medium ease of use, not the best news, but not difficult to deal with Rolling Eyes
Red = Hardest, worst case scenario involving hair pulling and much frustration Evil or Very Mad

Single SSID.
The best and easiest to use, (and annoyingly for us, the least common), is the Single SSID which gives both the client and host the same SSID from beginning to end and does not change at any point. The best example of this would be the Monster Hunter games.

Numerous SSID.
The second type of SSID, Numerous SSID, basically uses two or more SSID's. This means you can all have one SSID to find the game, then have to change to another SSID to start the game; an example of this could be the Pro Evolution Soccer games or Final Fantasy Dissidia.

Dynamic SSID.
The third type, Dynamic SSID, uses the Numerous SSID method, AND can add further in-game changes to the SSID based on the Host/Client principle, (one PSP tells the other what to do). Unfortunately for us, the Dynamic SSID is thought to be used in more than 50% of all PSP games. Examples of games that use this method could be Phantasy Star: Portable and Patapon 2.

How do I find my game SSID?

The following screenshots show the process of finding your current game SSID.

**Note** If the game you are playing supports the Single SSID method to connect (as listed at the end of this guide) then the following 4 steps are what all players need to follow to play that game. Once you have all found the one and only SSID for that particular game - you can play with no need to refresh or rescan for a new one Smile


(For this section, I used the game Castlevania - Dracula X Chronicles).

1st) Load up your game and go to the Multiplayer/Wireless/Ad hoc option. Load Kai and open your ZD Lan Utility, then select Host game:

2nd) Hit 'Refresh' on the ZD Lan Utility and after a couple of seconds, you should get a pop-up balloon at the bottom right-hand corner of your Kai screen telling you of the new SSID.

3rd) You will now see the SSID in the ZD Lan Utility window.

4th) Now double-click on the SSID in the ZD Lan Utility window so that it connects and that's it, you're done!

So that's all ok if the game i'm playing supports the Single SSID method but what if it doesn't? How does this affect game playing on Xlink Kai?

At present, (unless you use Windows XP and load a of other requirements) Kai cannot automatically detect, change and connect to an SSID if it changes once a game starts. This issue is to addressed, but until then, we'll have to work with it i'm afraid.

So that's what it is, where can I find links to demonstrate the methods?

The following sticky (that contains more stickies!) should give you a good idea on how to tackle some of the games that use the Numerous or Dynamic SSID method.

As a general rule, and this may not work in every case, it's a good idea to host a game to get an SSID. Once you have one, you need to workout with teammates what theirs are and decide which ones of you, if any, need to manually change their SSID and when, as timing is cruicial is some cases!


XLINK KAI PSP SSID GAMELIST. (Updated 11/08/09).

*The following list IS subject to change pending further play testing by myself and other users. The true type of SSID may not become apparent until more users have tested and confirmed how they got it to work*

Single SSID PSP games confirmed working with Kai.
These games give ALL players the same SSID. There is no need to manually rescan or refresh your wifi adapter once it is connected Smile

50 Cent Bulletproof G-Unit Edition
After Burner: Black Falcon
Blood Bowl
Brian Lara 2007 Pressure Play
Brunswick Pro Bowling
Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles
Colin McRae 2005 Plus
Crash of the Titans
Cube - 3D Puzzle Mayhem
DJ Max Portable Series
Driver 76
Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce
Everybody’s Golf 1 & 2
Ford Off Road
Gottlieb Pinball Classics
Hard Rock Casino
Hellboy 2 - The Science of Evil
Monster Hunter Series
Monster Jam - Urban Assault
MX vs ATV Unleashed On The Edge
MX vs ATV Untamed
Mytran Wars
Nascar 07
Outrun 2006 - Coast to Coast
Pacman World 3
PBR:Out of the Chute
PDC World Championship Darts
Pilot Academy
Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
Race Driver 2006
Resistance: Retribution
Ridge Racer 1 & 2
Rocky Balboa
Samurai Warriors: State of War
Shrek Smash n Crash Racing
Shrek The Third
Skate Park City
Space Invaders Extreme
Spiderman: Friend or Foe
Stacked with Daniel Negreanu
Star Trek Tactical Assault
Super Fruitfall
Surf's Up
SWAT Target Liberty
Syphon Filter Combat Ops
The Lord of the Rings: Tactics
Tom Clancy’s EndWar
Untold Legends: The Warriors Code
Valhalla Knights 1 & 2
World Championship Cards
World of Pool
World Tour Soccer 2
World Snooker Challenge 2005
Worms Open Warfare 1 & 2

EA Games and Xlink Kai.
From our testing, it looks like ALL EA made games work with Xlink Kai. However it’s worth noting a few things to do that will help to make it easier for you to connect and play:

1) BOTH players need to host a game,
2) BOTH players need to connect to the SSID it gives them,
3) ONE player ONLY needs to then cancel out of their hosted game and return the ad hoc lobby where they will see the other persons hosted game,
4) Join the hosted game and that’s it!

UEFA Euro 2008
Fifa 09
FIFA Street 2
Madden 09
NBA Live 09
MLB 08 The Show
MLB 09 The Show
MVP Baseball
NCAA Football 10
Need For Speed Pro Street
Need for Speed Undercover
NFL Street 2 Unleashed
NFL Street 3
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09

Numerous and Dynamic SSID PSP games confirmed working with Kai.
These games have been tested and worked with Kai. It is unconfirmed as to what method was needed (if any) to connect.

Ape Escape Academy 2
International Athletics
Final Fantasy Dissidia
Lumines 2
Metal Gear Solid - Portable Ops Plus
Neverland Card Battles
Patapon 2
PES 2009
Splinter Cell - Essentials
Star Wars - The Force Unleashed
Test Drive Unlimited
The King Of Fighters - The Orochi Saga
Tony Hawk - Project 8
WWE Smackdown vs RAW 2009

A plea to all Xlink Kai/PSP enthusiasts!!

Connecting to games via Kai can be tricky as we know. If any of you find and test a new game that requires a special set-up, please feel free to write a step-by-step guide and we'll try to get it stickied Smile

Kai supported games: http://www.teamxlink.co.uk/?go=games

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