Conker: Live & Reloaded

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Note: Game specific pages are a work in progress, will be lacking in detail and may contain errors. Found something wrong? Join the discord and let us know

Max players: 16

Max consoles: 16 (1 player per)

Title update: None

DLC: None

Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. From the main menu choose 'Xbox Live & Co and press A
    Conker 1 choose xbox live and co.png
  2. Choose a player profile and press A
    Conker 2 select profile.png
  3. Select System Link and press A
    Conker 3 select system link.png


  1. Select Join Game and press A
    Conker 4 select join game.png
    You will see a list of available games to join.


  1. Select Create and press A
    Conker 5 select create game.png
  2. Select a level and press A
    Conker 6 select level.png
  3. Select a team and press A
    Conker 7 select team.png
  4. Select a character and press A
    Conker 8 select character.png
  5. Wait for other players to join.
    Conker 9 wait for players.png