Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

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Note: Game specific pages are a work in progress, will be lacking in detail and may contain errors. Found something wrong? Join the discord and let us know
Have you set up your Nintendo Switch for XLink Kai? Read the guide: Nintendo Switch on PC/Mac
NX MK8D title 720.png

Console: Nintendo Switch

Max players: ?

Max consoles: ? (? player per)

Title update: ?

DLC: ?

Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. Press L + R together. ButtonIcon-Switch-L.png + ButtonIcon-Switch-R.png
    NX MK8D 1 press L R.png
  2. Scroll down to Wireless Play
    NX MK8D 2 scroll down to wireless play.png
  3. Press L + R + Left Analog Stick at the same time. LAN Play will now appear. ButtonIcon-Switch-L.png + ButtonIcon-Switch-R.png + ButtonIcon-Switch-Left Stick Click.png
    NX MK8D 3 press L R Left stick.png
  4. Select the number of local players (1 or 2) and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
    NX MK8D 4 choose number of local players.png
  5. Any available matches will be listed here. Select one and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png to join.
    To host a match select Create Room and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
    NX MK8D 5 join a match or create room.png
  6. Choose a character to race as and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
    NX MK8D 6 choose character.png
  7. Make changes to your kart then press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
    NX MK8D 7 choose kart options.png
  8. If hosting, wait for other players to join.
    NX MK8D 8 wait for players.png
  9. Have fun!