Nintendo Switch ldn_mitm setup

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ldn_mitm is a homebrew system module that allows Local Wireless mode games to function over LAN, and therefore over XLink Kai. ldn_mitm is developed by spacemeowx2 for Nintendo Switch systems running custom firmware (CFW) such as Atmosphère, ReiNX, or SXOS.

Installation in Atmosphère/ReiNX

  1. Download the correct ldm_mitm release for your version of Atmosphère
    ldn_mitm version Atmosphère version
    1.8.0 0.19/0.19.1
    1.7.0 0.16.1/0.16.2/0.17.0/0.18.0/0.18.1
    1.6.0 0.15.0/0.14.4
    1.5.0 0.14.0/0.14.1
    1.4.0 0.13
    1.3.4 0.11/0.12
    1.3.3 0.10
    If your version of Atmosphère is not listed please try the latest nightly release. (Download the 'sdcard' file, not the .elf)
  2. After downloading the zip file extract it on your computer. You will be presented with two folders; 'atmosphere' and 'switch'
    NX ldn mitm 1 extracted.png
  3. Copy the two folders to the root of your SD card and if prompted say yes to overwrite.
    NX ldn mitm 2 copied to SD.png
  4. Eject your SD card and insert it into your Switch
  5. Launch your exploit as usual. ldn_mitm should automatically be enabled.

Installation on SXOS

ldn_mitm is included in SXOS by default. To enable it open the SXOS menu and enable the online play option.

Confirming ldn_mitm is enabled

  1. Open hbmenu and select ldnmitm_config
  2. The status of ldn_mitm will now be shown.
    NX ldn mitm 3 ldnmitm config.png
  3. If ldn_mitm is OFF press Y ButtonIcon-Switch-Y.png to enable it, otherwise press + ButtonIcon-Switch-Plus.png to exit.

Congratulations! You are now ready to play Local Wireless mode games on XLink Kai as if they had native LAN support!

Local Wireless mode games

The games below have been confirmed to work properly on XLink Kai however there are many games we have not tested, feel free to give them a try and let us know if you find something we've missed!

For the list of Nintendo Switch games with built in LAN mode please see the Supported Games list.