Aliens: Colonial Marines (Xbox 360)

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Aliens: Colonial Marines
Platform Xbox 360
System Link Support Yes
Max. players 12
Max. players per console 1
Versus mode Yes
Coop mode Yes
Max. co-op players 4
Official Website

Note: Game specific pages are a work in progress, will be lacking in detail and may contain errors. Found something wrong? Join the discord and let us know
Unmodified "stock" Xbox 360 consoles have a 30 millisecond ping limit when playing Xbox 360 games. Your ping to other players must be lower than 30ms! You will not be able to join games if your ping to the host is too high.

Aliens: Colonial Marines currently requires a special configuration to play on XLink Kai. If you are using an RGH or JTAG console, please ensure your console has been configured correctly first as per the RGH/JTAG guide

Configuring Your Console for Aliens: Colonial Marines

Set Alternate MAC Address

  1. From your Xbox 360's dashboard, navigate to the rightmost tab, select System, and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
  2. Select Network Settings and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    Network Settings.jpg
  3. Press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png again to select your network
    Xbox360 network select.jpg
  4. Select Configure Network and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    Xbox360 configure network.jpg
  5. On the Additional Settings tab, select the second option down and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    Xbox360 additional settings.jpg
  6. Take note of the last 4 characters on your Xbox 360's MAC address here, and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png on Alternate MAC Address
    Xbox360 altmac 1.jpg
  7. Enter 7C1E5200 followed by the last 4 characters on your Xbox 360's real MAC address, then press Start ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Start.png
    Xbox360 altmac 2.jpg
  8. Check that the alternate MAC address you entered now appears on the right, under Current Settings, then select Done and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png

Xbox360 altmac 3.jpg

Set XLink Kai IP Address

  1. Enter the XLink Kai configuration menu and under Automatically assign IP for in the Network Settings box, tick Xbox One/Series X/S, then press Save, and restart XLink Kai.
    Xboxipassign xboxoneticked.png

Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. From the main menu, select either Campaign or Versus depending on the mode you wish to play and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    ACM main.jpg
  2. Press XButtonIcon-Xbox360-X.png in the multiplayer menu and change the Network Mode to System Link, then press BButtonIcon-Xbox360-B.png, select Find Game and press AButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    ACM coopmenu.jpg