Call of Duty: Black Ops II (Wii U)

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Call of Duty: Black Ops II
Platform Wii U
LAN Support Yes
Max. players 8
Versus mode Yes
Official Website

Nintendo Network ID

To access 'System Link' mode in Black Ops II your Wii U account must have a linked Nintendo Network ID. Online connectivity is NOT required, but the account must still be linked.

If you do not have a linked account you will receive an error message.


Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. Press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
  2. Select Multiplayer (or Zombies) and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
  3. Select System Link and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png

Joining a match

  1. From the System Link menu select Join Game and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
  2. Select a match to join and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
  3. Wait for the game host to start or customize your class

Hosting a match

  1. From the System Link menu select Create Game and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
  2. Adjust the match options and wait for players to join