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Nintendo GameCube
Platform GameCube
Developer Nintendo
Release Date November 18th, 2001 (NA)
Supported Games 4
Console mod required No
Region locked Yes

Supported Games

There are 4 games for GameCube that are known to support multiplayer over LAN. The list below has been manually verified to be accurate and the games are playable over XLink Kai.

Title Versus Mode Co-op Mode PAL/NTSC Crossplay Bandwidth Requirements Ping Limit (ms) Total players Per console Versus mode Co-op mode Notes
1080° Avalanche High 4 4
Homeland 35 1
Kirby Air Ride High 4 4
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! High ~20 16 4 16 PAL/NTSC Crossplay possible with ActionReplay codes

Total Supported: 4