Installing XLink Kai on ChromeOS

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Getting Started

Installing XLink Kai on a Chromebook is a straight forward process with a few requirements:

  • A user account with developer mode rights
  • ~2 GB of HDD Space
  • An internet connection. A wired network is preferred for stable gameplay. Using a cell phone hotspot is extremely discouraged.
  • A Supported Network Setup. If playing Original Xbox or Xbox 360 games your PC/Laptop can NOT be fully wireless unless the console is wired directly to the PC/laptop!

This guide assumes you have already signed up for an XLink account and have completed the registration and consent process.

Setting up the Linux Dev Environment on Chrome OS

  1. Open up the Settings Menu of your Chromebook and navigate to Advanced > Developer Options
    Chrome OS Guide 1.png
  2. Click the Turn on button for the Linux Development Environment and then click Next
    Chrome OS Guide 2.png
  3. Set your disk space and username then hit Install
    Chrome OS Guide 3.png
  4. Wait for the Linux VM to install
    Chrome OS Guide 4.png

Installing XLink Kai on Chrome OS

  1. Open up the Terminal Application on your Chromebook
    Chrome OS Guide 5.png
  2. Also, Open the Web Browser and go to
  3. Paste the script under Install our signing key and repository into your terminal and press enter
    Chrome OS Guide 7.png
  4. Type sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install xlinkkai -y and press enter
    Chrome OS Guide 8.png
  5. Type sudo kaiengine and press enter
    Chrome OS Guide 9.png
  6. Navigate to and happy gaming!
    Chrome OS Guide 10.png