Pokken Tournament DX (Switch)

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Pokkén Tournament DX
Platform Nintendo Switch
LAN Support Yes

Note: Game specific pages are a work in progress, will be lacking in detail and may contain errors. Found something wrong? Join the discord and let us know https://discord.gg/UyyjNpa
Have you set up your Nintendo Switch for XLink Kai? Read the guide: Nintendo Switch on PC/Mac

To enable LAN mode: From the main menu select a game and hold down X + D-pad down then press L + R

Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. At the title screen press X + B + Dpad-Down + L + R ButtonIcon-Switch-X.png + ButtonIcon-Switch-B.png + ButtonIcon-Switch-Dpad Down.png + ButtonIcon-Switch-L.png + ButtonIcon-Switch-R.png
    NX PKT 1 press X B down L R.png
  2. If the button combination is entered correctly you will be asked if you would like to use your existing player data while in event mode. Choose yes or no then press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
    NX PKT 2 select player data.png
  3. Select your Battle Settings to be matched up with a partner then highlight Search for opponents with these settings and press A ButtonIcon-Switch-A.png
    NX PKT 3 select settings.png
  4. Select a partner from the list of other players with the same battle settings
    NX PKT 4 select partner.png
  5. Have fun!