Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (PlayStation 3)

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Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
Platform PlayStation 3
LAN Support Yes
Max. players 10
Versus mode Yes
Coop mode Yes
Max. co-op players 3
Official Website www.naughtydog.com

Free to Play Edition

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Free to Play version of the game (NPUA80858 or NPEA00422) also contains LAN mode, though it is disabled in the menus by default. In order to reactivate LAN mode, the game memory needs to be alterted in order to 'trick' the game we are using a retail/GoTY edition of the game:

  • PS3 - Using CCAPI or TMAPI, change the value of the memory offset 4011C2B20 to BCES01175 (string)
  • RPCS3 - Go to Manage -> Game Patches -> Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception -> NPUA80858 (or NPEA00422 for EU version) -> Check Enable Lan Mode

Make sure you are running the latest version of the game (Patch 1.19 as of May 2014), otherwise the patches will not work.

For the cooperative modes (Arena or Adventure modes), CO-OP DLC Unlock must be installed and split screen Unlock is required in order to host the game (see below).

Competitive modes (PVP)

Competitive modes are accessible by everyone in MULTIPLAYER -> LAN Mode.

Unlike in online servers, players are not required to level up or earn in-game money to unlock items as everything is unlocked by default (except for DLC items). Although there is a bug which makes you see your rank leveling up during gameplay, your rank is not affected post match.

Simultaneous LAN and split-screen play is possible, with the game auto-balancing teams to include both players of the same screen onto the same team (if not set manually by R2 button in the lobby).

DLC maps are accessible as long as all the players connected to the same party own the DLC associated with the map.

You can access The Lab mode maps, however the game will crash while attempting to load into them. If the game is modded however, they become accessible and fully playable.

All competitive modes, with the exception of Co-op Arena Hunter and Three Team Deathmatch modes, can host up to 10 players. Co-op Arena Hunter mode can go up to 4 players, where as Three Team Deathmatch can go up to 6.

Cooperative modes (PVE)

Hosting a game

Host needs to enter an entirely different section from the game's main menu in order to access Co-op modes (they are not available in the LAN mode) by temporarily connecting a second controller and selecting: CO-OP -> Split-screen. Once connected to the lobby, the host can now disconnect the second controller. The party should then be accessible within LAN mode on other devices.

There is a working progression system in this mode, and hosts are required to level up their rank and earn in-game money to unlock inventory items and/or weapon upgrades.

Joining the game

Players will need to go to the LAN mode and join the host within the 'Find the party' list. There is a visual bug in the menus which causes Team Deathmatch mode to show up inside the lobby rather than the co-op game mode selected by the host, however once the game is started everyone loads up in the correct map and game mode.

Contrary to the game host, other players do not have the progression system and much like in competitive loadouts, all items and weapon upgrades in cooperative loadouts are unlocked from the get-go. For non-hosting players, during gameplay collected money info and monetary kill reward pop-ups are disabled, though host can observe the money stats and notice that other players are also earning in-game money.

Both Arena and Adventure modes can be played by the maximum of 3 players.

Bugs and other technical difficulties

  • Sometimes players cannot connect to each other directly (usually caused by No connection status in Xlink Kai) which may also cause the screen to temporarily freeze. Once unfrozen the player will no longer be able to host or join other players. To fix the bug, the affected player must quit and re-enter LAN mode.
  • It is recommended for all the players to play on the same version of the game (preferably the latest - 1.19), a player which has a mismatched version of the game may have his game crashed if attempting to start the game with others running a different game version or it can cause the game to load indefinitely until the problematic player leaves their lobby
  • On some rare occassions (more prominently on RPCS3), the 'Find the Party' list gets multiplied resulting in multiple entries of the same players. This bug is purely visual however and joining a duplicate session results in connecting to a valid lobby.
  • The game requires a rather stable connection. Single packet drops can be enough to cause the player to leave a match or a party entirely.
  • Some RPCS3 players may experience a problem while creating a custom game, which causes them to immediately drop out of the LAN mode back in the game's main menus followed by the error message that they had been disconnected from the PlayStation Network despite LAN mode not utilizing PSN features. Fixes for this problem are currently unknown. Recently it has been reported that the low-level API programs (such as driver control software used for gaming mice and keyboards, for example Logitech G-Hub) installed on a host PC can cause OS specific issues in features like the network interfaces. If you are having issues as described above, try to disable and/or uninstall such software.