Unreal Tournament 3 (PlayStation 3)

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Unreal Tournament 3
Platform PlayStation 3
LAN Support Yes

Note: Game specific pages are a work in progress, will be lacking in detail and may contain errors. Found something wrong? Join the discord and let us know https://discord.gg/UyyjNpa

To enter LAN mode in Unreal Tournament 3 on Playstation 3 to play on XLink Kai follow the instructions below.

Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. After starting the game Press Start
    PS3 UT3 1 start screen.png
  2. On the main menu choose Multiplayer and Press X
    PS3 UT3 2 main menu.png
  3. You will get an error about PSN being unavailable, Press X
    PS3 UT3 3 multiplayer error.png
  4. You will get another error message, Press O
    PS3 UT3 4 PSN error.png
  5. You will now be at the multiplayer character selection screen, choose the appropriate option to select or create a character.
    PS3 UT3 5 multiplayer character.png
  6. You will now be at the Multiplayer menu. Choose Join Game if you wish to join a match, or Host Game if you want to create a match.
    PS3 UT3 6 multiplayer menu.png


  1. After selecting Join Game from the multiplayer menu you are given the option to filter the available matches. Usually this is not needed, Press X to search for matches
    PS3 UT3 7 join filters.png
  2. Any available matches being hosted by other players in the same Arena on XLink Kai will be shown here. Press X to join and have fun!
    PS3 UT3 8 join search.png


  1. On the multiplayer menu choose Host Game and Press X
    PS3 UT3 9 host.png
  2. Choose the game mode and Press X
    PS3 UT3 10 host choose mode.png
  3. Choose the map and Press X
    PS3 UT3 11 host choose map.png
  4. Choose the server settings and Press X
    PS3 UT3 12 host server settings.png
  5. When you're ready Press X to start the game.
    PS3 UT3 13 host ready.png