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Allow Remote UI Connections

When enabled allows a different computer / device (XBMC, Smart Phone , Wii etc ..) on your network to connect to the engine as an XLink UI.

When disabled the engine will only allow a UI on the local computer to attach.

Auto Launch UI

Opens the UI when the engine is started.

Default is on.

If this is off the engine will load and nothing else, you can right click on the engine in the tray/dock and select Launch UI to load.

Auto Login

XLink will automatically login when loaded.

Fill in the box's with your username and password.

Default XTag (Username)

Your XLink username.

Default Password

Your XLink password.

Character Set

Allows you to select your character set for chat.

Disable Sleep Mode

When enabled the engine will disable a windows based computer's sleep function.

When disabled the computer will go to sleep as normal per your system settings. Note: the computer will sleep if the engine is running and you will be disconnected from XLink.


Selects the language XLink will be shown in.

If you would like to have your language added please feel free to help us translate :]

Network Adapter

Use this to select the Network Adapter that connects to your console.

Autodetect is the default setting and it will attempt to locate the card automatically based on console traffic.

Enable PAT

PAT (Port Address Translation) - The type popularly, but incorrectly, called simply "NAT" (also sometimes named "Network Address Port Translation, NAPT") refers to network address translation involving the mapping of port numbers, allowing multiple machines to share a single IP address.

default is off


This is the port you forwarded on your router allowing XLink to connect properly.

0 is the default. In this setting XLink will randomly pick a port and attempt to connect. Use 0 if you are using UPnP.

Click here for help on Port Forwarding

Autodetect Proxy Server

The engine will detect your ISP's proxy allow XLink to connect properly.

Default is off as most ISP's do not require it.

Proxy Server

Allows you to specify and proxy server for XLink to connect through.


Forces the engine to follow your PSP's SSID.

Close Engine After

The engine will close after a set amount of time.

Close Engine when UI Closes

When the UI (user interface) is closed the engine will close as well.

UI Program

If you prefer to use a graphical UI, you may enter the file name of the UI here.

kaiUI.exe is the 'old' standard UI and must be located in

C:\Program Files\XLink Kai\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\XLink Kai\

To use the WebUI select box labelled 'Web UI' in configuration.

Web UI Access Password

Allows you to set a password on the UI.

Note: This is not your XLink password.

Web UI Port

This is the port the WebUI connects to the engine on. Do not change this unless you know what your doing.

the default is 34522

Web UI Skin

Pick a new skin for the WebUI.

You may also pick a skin directly from the chat input box with the command '/skin'

This feature is unsupported and will be removed in the future.

Discord Presence

Show your status in Discord including what game you are currently playing.

So far this is only supported on Windows.