Xbox 360 game ping limit

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Unmodified Xbox 360 games have a 30 millisecond ping limit on system link connections (30/1000th of a second) which is intended to make XLink Kai difficult to use. The ping limit only applies to joining matches and does not apply to the game host.

Bypassing the ping limit

To get around this limitation there are three options:

  1. Be geographically close to the game host and have a very low latency, under 30ms, connection.
  2. Use a JTAG/RGH console with the ping patch enabled to bypass the ping limit. Please read the RGH guide to learn more.
  3. Host a match using an unmodified console but the other players must have a JTAG/RGH console and have the ping patch enabled.

Backwards compatibility

Xbox One and XBox Series X/S consoles have the same limitation when playing Xbox 360 games over XLink Kai. Since there is no way to apply the ping patch on these systems you must have very low latency to the other players or must be the host of the match.

Original Xbox Games

Original Xbox games are not affected by the ping limit on Xbox 360 or when played via backwards compatibility on Xbox One or Xbox Series X/S consoles. Some games do still have ping limits which are listed on the Supported Games page.