Halo: Reach (Xbox 360)

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Halo: Reach
Platform Xbox 360
System Link Support Yes
Headset support Yes
Max. players 16
Max. consoles 16
Max. players per console 4
Versus mode Yes
Coop mode Yes
Max. co-op players 4
Xbox One compatible Yes
Xbox Series X/S compatible Yes
Official Website www.bungie.net

Note: Game specific pages are a work in progress, will be lacking in detail and may contain errors. Found something wrong? Join the discord and let us know https://discord.gg/UyyjNpa
Unmodified "stock" Xbox 360 consoles have a 30 millisecond ping limit when playing Xbox 360 games. Your ping to other players must be lower than 30ms! You will not be able to join games if your ping to the host is too high.

Accessing LAN Multiplayer

  1. Select Main Menu and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
  2. Press Y ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Y.png
  3. Select System Link Games and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png


  1. To host a game select either Campaign, Firefight, Custom Game or Forge and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
    This guide will use Custom Game.
  2. Select Game Type and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
  3. Select Slayer and press right ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Dpad Right.png
  4. Select Classic Slayer and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
  5. Select Map and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
  6. Select a map and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png then press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png again
  7. Select Game Options and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png
  8. Choose the settings you'd like then press B ButtonIcon-Xbox360-B.png
  9. Either wait for players to join or start the game and let them join during gameplay.
    Select Start Game and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png


  1. From the Main Menu after selecting System Link any available matches will be shown on the right hand side of the screen
  2. Press right ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Dpad Right.png then down ButtonIcon-Xbox360-Dpad Down.png twice. Press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png.
  3. Select Join Player and press A ButtonIcon-Xbox360-A.png.
    If Join Player is greyed out you do not have the same game version (title update) as the host. Make sure you're running the same version as shown in the bottom right corner of the main menu. If there is no number shown you are on version 1.0
  4. Wait for the Party Leader (the game host) to start the match
  5. Have fun!