Installing on Raspberry Pi

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Getting Started

Installing XLink Kai on a Raspberry Pi is a straight forward process with a few requirements:

  • A Pi 1/2/3/4 with Ethernet OR a USB Ethernet adapter
  • ~20MB of disk space
  • An internet connection. A wired network is preferred for stable gameplay. Using a cell phone hotspot is extremely discouraged.
  • A Supported Network Setup. If playing Original Xbox or Xbox 360 games your PC/Laptop/Pi can NOT be fully wireless!

This guide assumes you have already signed up for an XLink account and have completed the registration and consent process.

Installing XLink Kai on Raspberry Pi

  1. Open the web browser and go to
    Guide rpi install 1.png
  2. Open a Terminal window.
    Guide rpi install 2.png
  3. Copy and paste each line of the Installing section one at a time exactly as written and press Enter at the end of each line to submit the command.
    Guide rpi install 3.png
    Guide rpi install 4.png
    Guide rpi install 5.png
  4. You may be asked if you are sure you want to install the xlinkkai package, answer Yes if asked.
    Guide rpi install 6.png
  5. Start XLink Kai by typing sudo kaiengine and pressing enter.
    Guide rpi install 7.png
  6. Right click on the link and choose Open URL
    Optional: If you know the IP address of your Raspberry Pi (use the command ip addr to get it) you can control XLink Kai from another computer or even your cell phone (via WiFi) by going to http://ipAddressOfYourPi:34522/
    Guide rpi install 8.png
  7. Enter your Xtag/KaiTag and password then click Login
    Guide rpi install 9.png
  8. Welcome to XLink Kai's General Chat! To browse the available games, click Game Arenas at the top.
    Guide rpi install 10.png
  9. From here you can see all the Supported Games and what games are currently being played.
    Guide rpi install 11.png
  10. Navigate to a game arena with other players and check if you see colored ping bars below their names after a couple seconds. If you get colored ping bars for most users you are good to go! If not please see the Port Forwarding page.
    Guide rpi install 12.png

Congratulations! XLink Kai is now installed. Happy gaming!