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GwUsMini2n for Mac.

Installing the driver.


Download your planex driver here:

Or use the driver that came with the CD.

Mount the .dmg file and select the correct driver according to your OS.

Select “Continue” to begin installation.

Select “Install for all users of this machine,” and click “Continue”.

Type in your username and password and select “OK.”.

Installer will prompt a reboot after installation. Select “Continue Installation”.

Installer will finish and will ask to restart. Click “Restart”.

Plugging in the adapter.

After your computer has restarted, plug in your planex adapter into the USB port of your computer. The Planex Utility Icon will automatically pop up in your dock. The Wireless Utility screen will also pop up.

Your Mac will tell you that “A new network interface has been detected.” Select “Network Preferences”

Ensure that “USB Ethernet” is configured to “Using DHCP.” Click “Apply” Take note of what your Mac named your adapter. Mine is “en2” in this case.

In the Wireless Utility window, select the “Advanced” tab and check “Enable PSP XLink” then click “Apply”.

Go to System Preferences then go to Sharing.

Check “Internet Sharing” in the left column. Share your internet connection (Mine's airport) to the Planex adapter (should be USB Ethernet (en_)).

Playing on Kai.

Download and install Xlink Kai for Mac OS X from the link above.

Run the kaiengine.

Click on the Kai symbol in the upper left corner of the window next to “Navigation” to enter into configuration mode.

Make the following changes:

Network Adapter: select the planex adapter your mac has assigned. (Mine is en2)

Port: Port Forwarding

Deep Port: Set to 0

Web UI Port: Leave as is

Enable PAT: If your port setting is at “0,” enable this.

Save your settings.

Click on the Kai symbol again to return to the General Chat.

Click on “Game Arenas” then “Metrics” to see if you are reachable. If it says “no,” you must portforward.

On Kai, find a room you would like to play in.

Fire up your PSP and go to Network Settings > Ad Hoc Mode Select a preferred channel (it shouldn't matter really).

Start up your game's ad-hoc mode.

Go back to the Utility, click “Rescan,” select the PSP SSID, and hit “Connect.”

And before you know it, you've got Kai working on a Mac!

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