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This guide is made in Window 7 but it will work in XP and Vista.

What you need: Computer (With a Window OS) GW-USMini2N PSP Xlink Kai (Download here: )

1.) Download the driver or use the driver from the CD that came along with the GW-USMini2N. Make sure you download the right driver. If you have Vista/Win7, get the Vista driver. If not, get the normal Windows driver. You can download the driver at:

2.) Install the driver. Pretty straight forward. Install the driver only with the WLan.

3.) Now plug in the GW-USMini2N and Window should automatically install it.

4.) Now to make sure the driver that we just installed is applied to the GW-USMini2N. There are two ways of finding it:

a. Go to control panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter settings

b. Go to device manager

5.)Then find the GW-USMini2N. It should be named “150N Wireless LAN USB Adapter”. Which means that Window installed the default driver and not the one we want. We have to change that.

Right click it > Properties

Go to configure

The on the top, go to driver > update driver

After that click “Browse my computer for driver software”

Then click “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer”.

And pick the GW-USMini2N and click Next.

6. Ok so now Windows will see the USB as GW-USMini2N instead of 150N Wireless LAN USB Adapter. If it doesn't, then you did something wrong. The next step is to get it ready for Xlink Kai.

Go back to the properties of GW-USMini2N and click configure again. This time on the tab click on Advance. You will get a huge list and enable “PSP Xlink Mode”.

7. In the same screen, two up from PSP Xlink Mode is Network Type. Set the Value of that to 802.11 Ad Hoc.

8. Time to launch Xlink Kai now. Go to configuration on Xlink Kai and it should look like this:

Make sure the Network Adapter is GW-USMini2N and set the Deep Port to 0. Everything should look like the image except for the username of course.

9. Now go to your PSP and enter an ad-hoc room. On the bottom right of your desktop, there is a internet button. Click on it and find your PSP and connect to it.

10. Make sure your Network Reachable is Yes and that Xlink Kai sees your PSP.

11. Voila! And you're ready to play.


What operating system does this guide apply to?

-This guide will work for Window XP, Vista and 7. It will work for both 32 and 64 bit Window.

I have another Planex stick such as the GW-US64Mini2G. Does it work with this guide?

-No. This guide is solely for GW-USMini2N. Use another guide because I cannot help you if you have a different adapter.

How do I play Monster Hunter and connect to other people?

-Here is the step: 1.Enter a Xlink Kai arena you would like to play with 2.Enter the online gathering hall (Gathering Hall 1 or Auto) 3.Start step 9 so that you can connect your psp to your computer 4.Then you should be able to see people in the guild hall and their names (grey names mean they are in quest so you cannot see their body) 5.Pick up a posted quest 6.Go to door and ready for departure

My Xlink Kai works and I have played before with people but I can't see anyone now. What is wrong?

-This happens occasionally while playing from time to time. If you are having trouble seeing people or having trouble connecting to a certain person, they to “rekai” (aka restart Xlink Kai/replug in your adapter)

I am having trouble connecting my PSP to my computer. I can't find the PSP signal.

-The PSP signal will only appear when you enter an ad-hoc room. When you leave the ad-hoc room, the PSP will disconnect itself and the signal will be gone.

I have followed this guide religiously and it still doesn't work.

-There could be a number of problems. These are the ones I have encountered so far: 1. In step 8, make sure everything you have enabled PAT and make sure everything else it the same. 2. In step 10, the first picture shows the Diagnostics Mode in Xlink Kai. Make sure that the Network Card reads GW-USmini2N. If not, then Xlink Kai is using the wrong Network adapter.

When I first plugged in my GW-USMini2N, it did not automatically installed it as “150N Wireless LAN USB Adapter”. Is that alright?

-Yes that is perfectly fine. Each computer may install it differently but that doesn't matter. As long as you change the driver later to GW-USMini2N then it is fine.

Do I need to install the utility software that comes with the driver?

-As I have stated in the guide, you do not need to install the utility software.

I have this sort of router. Will it work?

-Your router has nothing to do with this. Heck you don't even need a router. The way this work is your PSP connecting to the GW-USMini2N and that alone.

Does it matter if my laptop/computer is connected to the internet via Ethernet or wireless?

-No, it doesn't matter.

Where can I get the GW-USMini2N?


Thanks for the guide! It works/doesn't work.

-It it works, send me a PM saying it works so I know how many people its been working for. If you got it to work with some tweaking of the guide, send me that information to so I can update the guide in anyway I can. If it doesn't work for you after reading the FAQs, send me a PM and please be specific where it doesn't work.

Original guide made by Dan.

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