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Wifi Max Setup Guide

Simple, step-by-step setup guide for all those new to Wifi-Max. -ChaoticInfinityX

(Update v1.7 - Sept 05, 07 - It would seem that some fool by the name of “Maijeh” attempted to copy my guide and pass it off entirely as his own. He thought he could mask it by rephrasing some of it, but he just isn't that smart. He managed to get his version hosted on GameFAQs where he only credited himself. Contacting the powers that be over at GameFAQs, I was able to notify them and within 2 business days, the plagiarized guide was removed.

At this time I'd like to extend my thanks to those who saw the wrongdoing and also decided to report the guide. I don't have a clue as to how many there were, but in any case, you have my thanks. Laughing

As for the tool who calls himself “Maijeh”… Don't ever mess with my Sh*t again. And don't think I don't know about your little MHF clan site. You can try to host your poser guide on your pathetic little site, but in all instances you are nothing more than a parasite, living off others to survive.)

[Sony PlayStation Portable]

Wifi MAX - XLink Kai- Monster Hunter Freedom Setup Guide

Copyright 2006-2007 Matt Herrera

Version 2.0.1 - December 01, 2007 - Status Note at top edited and driver link updated.

Version 2.0 - October 04, 2007 - Tired of repeating myself, so I finally updated the TS section.

Version 1.6.07 - September 05, 2007 - Saved my guide from a leech named: “Maijeh”

Version 1.6.01 - August 28, 2007 - I got MHF2!! Woot for me!

Version 1.6 - April 28, 2007 - Tweaks and info updates

Version 1.5.3 - August 24, 2006 - More Micro tweaks

Version 1.5.2 - August 21, 2006 - Micro tweak

Version 1.5.1 - August 15, 2006 - Link updates (thanks to MeanMF's driver update post)

Version 1.5 - August 14, 2006 - Updates and Edits

Version 1.0.1 - May 31, 2006 - Format Edits and Host list

Version 1.0 - May 31, 2006 - Initial release - Basic Instructions

1-Introduction………………………………………………[ I ]
2-Frequently Asked Questions………………………..[II]
3-Preparations/Setup Instructions…………………..[III]
4-Extra Tips/Troubleshooting………………………….[IV]
5-Tips for Vista/Slim Users (Under Construction)..[V]

[-] Disclaimer {A}-This may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

(The only site that is allowed to host via forums:

{B}-The following parties own the rights to said products… (I DO NOT): *Datel owns rights to Wifi MAX. *ZyDAS owns rights to ZyDAS ZD1211B v6.17.0.0 drivers for Windows. *Capcom owns rights to Monster Hunter Freedom. *Sony owns rights to PSP.

{C}-At the moment, I do not plan to make any changes to this guide (other than correcting any errors) unless there is a major update to software while I still use both XLink Kai and Wifi MAX. I believe I have listed the steps clearly enough so that everyone can understand and follow the steps. Do not email me because you misread a step and screwed something up, because all I will tell you is what the guide says at the end… “If it doesn't work, then recheck the steps and make sure you did everything correctly.” Also, do not email me asking if other devices may or may not work. This guide is intended strictly for use with the Wifi MAX and XLink Kai.* *(I have removed my email from this and all following versions due to excessive emails… most of which were people getting me to join 'MSN Messenger en espanol') (UPDATE: Since the initial publishing of this my guide, it would seem that Datel has possibly made a hardware revision to the Wifi max. What this means is that the DS and any other WFM for a system other than the PSP will most likely not work with the PSP. I have yet to decide if I want to purchase one of the new hardware revised version of the PSP Wifi Max to test if the possible hardware revision makes a difference. From this point on, don't come complaining to me if you can't get your DS (or other non-PSP) Wifi Max to work with your PSP… YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!)

[ I ] Introduction

This is my first guide/faq that I've published. I've tried writing up others in the past for a few games I own, but in the time I'd get the info I knew into a text file, 3 other guides would pop up.

I found these steps in the XLink forums, originally written by “Shinchan^^”. I'm surprised no one else has made this information accessible without having to go through forums. I've seen dozens of people asking the same questions about getting this process to work properly on both the GameFAQs and XLink Kai forums. Hopefully this should help a lot of you out and ease some stress from the forums.

*BTW* - This guide was made when MHF (Monster Hunter Freedom) first came out. I basically made it to help other MHF players get onto Kai, but these steps can be used to get any game working.

Note: All program names and versions are what they were called at the time of writing this guide. It is possible that the names be changed over time. Also, this guide is intended to be used with Windows only.

[II] Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's this guide about? A - It's a guide to help Wifi MAX users setup their initial connection to XLink Kai.

Q: What's Wifi MAX? A - It's a device that allows you to connect your PSP wirelessly to the internet. It also allows you to turn any Internet enabled PC into a high speed wireless access point. (Update - As stated in the disclaimer, be sure you are using a PSP Wifi Max.)

Q: What's XLink Kai? A - It's a program that allows you to use a process called “tunneling”. Basically, it tricks the system into thinking it's playing a LAN game but it actually connects to other players over the internet.

Q: What do I need to get this to work? A - Hardware: *Internet enabled PC (preferably DSL or better) *PSP Wifi MAX USB adapter *PSP (loaded with Monster Hunter Freedom)

Software: *ZyDAS ZD1211B v6.17.0.0 drivers for Windows (The *new* updated Wifi MAX drivers - as of 08/02/06) (Direct File Link *updated 12/1/07*: )

*XLink Kai Evolution VII (Homepage: “”)

Q: De De Dee… Readin is HARD! I skimmed and messed up something in the instructions, now something isn't working right. OH NOES!… What ever shall I do?! A - Good question, you silly n00b you. How about you check out my newly updated Troubleshooting section for common problems, and ONLY once you've check it first and still have a unique problem, then you can feel free to ask for some help of which I may possibly provide!

Remember: Every time you skim a guide, Wayne Brady chokes a bitch… and eventually he'll choke YOU!!! (Moral of da story: Read it completely and you're safe from his wrath!)

[III] Preparations/Setup Instructions

[UPDATE - 04/28/2007] Since the last time I updated this guide, the only notable changes are the [possibly] new hardware revisions to the Wifi Max and the introduction of Micro$oft's Windows Vista. I will not be covering how to set up Kai on Vista simply because I don't have Vista (nor do I intend to get it) and therefore I can't dictate the steps taken to setup in a Vista environment. I'm sure the method isn't too far off from this and with the information undoubtedly somewhere in the forums, you should be able to get past the OS hurdle.

[UPDATE - 08/14/06] Since the last time I updated this guide, there have been upgrades to both XLink Kai and the ZyDAS drivers for your Wifi MAX. I've updated the guide so all links are updated as of 08/14/06.

To upgrade either XLink Kai or Wifi MAX, you will need to uninstall the previous version before you install the newer one. To uninstall either program, you can simply do so from your control panel. From your taskbar:

Start → Settings → Control Panel

When your control panel opens, select “Add/Remove Programs”. To uninstall XLink Kai select: “XLink Kai Evolution 7” and click on Remove. To uninstall the ZyDAS drivers select: “ZyDAS IEEE 802.11 b+g Wireless LAN - USB” and click Remove.

The steps below work just the same for installing the new versions as it did for the old.

(Preparation) -For those who have installed the drivers from the CD that came with the Wifi MAX, uninstall them so that we can begin. If you installed either of the server programs and/or the media manager, you can leave them as is (they have no effect or purpose in this process).

-Make sure that the Wifi MAX is NOT plugged in when you begin this process.

-Download both the driver and XLink Kai Evolution VII, and also register with XLink Kai before beginning the process.

-Make sure your PSP's Ad-Hoc channel is set at 1. This is just so it's on a constant setting. Everyone who wants to play together must be on the same channel. (This setting is in the PSP's main menu before you start the game. Check your PSP's manual for more info)

-Read through the setup before you attempt it, so that you aren't caught off guard by a step because you rushed through it.

(Setup) 1-Begin by installing “XLink Kai Evolution VII” for Windows.

2-Once XLink Kai is finished installing, install the “ZyDAS ZD1211B v6.17.0.0 drivers for Windows ”.

3-Once the Wifi MAX drivers have finished installing you can plug in your Wifi MAX.

4-When you plug in the Wifi MAX it will begin to look for the drivers. Make sure the CD that came with the Wifi MAX is not in the CD tray, as it may read from there first and install the old drivers. When prompted, allow the computer to search itself for the appropriate drivers, or if you know where you it was installed, you can manually direct it to the proper location.

5-Load up your copy of MHF* the PSP. Get your character to the guild hall and choose to join the multiplayer hall (Circle). (Note* - For any other game… you have to get your PSP to search for another Ad-Hoc connection. Since every game has a different way of doing this.. I can't list them all. Just try to begin the process of getting into an Ad-Hoc game… the goal is to get your PSP to send out a signal the Wifi MAX can pick up.)

6-Once your character has loaded into the hall, open up the ZDWLan Utility (if it's not on, you can start it either from desktop or Start→ProgramFiles-

ZyDAS…). In the ZDWLan utility, click “More Setting…” in the 'Current

Network Information'. On the top where it says 'General Connection Setting', click the change button to edit the values to the following:

WIRELESSMODE: 2.4GHz(802.11b+g) CHANNEL: 1 TX RATE: Auto SSID: *leave blank, but make sure the 'any' box to the right is unchecked* NETWORK TYPE: Ad-Hoc AUTHENTICATION: Auto ENCRYPTION: Disable WEP

Then click apply to set the changes.

7-At the bottom of the “More Setting…” window, click on the “Advanced Setting…” button. A new window should pop up. On this window, just make sure you have the 'Power Consumption settings' set to “Continuous Access Mode (CAM)”. Also, just below that… make sure you have the “PSP XLink Mode” box is checked. You can now close out of both the “Advanced Setting…” and the “More Setting…” windows.

Note: As for world roaming, I'm not sure what effect that has on this. You can set it to either World Mode, or to the country you live in, but for now, just leave it as is.

8-Now back on the main Utility window, click the refresh button below the 'Available Networks' to scan for your PSP. The SSID you are looking for should look something like “PSP_AULUS…” and should have relatively high signal strength. Double click on the PSP name and it should begin the connection.

9-Close the ZDWLan utility window and open up the KAI Config. (Start→Program Files→XLink Kai Evolution VII→Start Kai Config)

10-In the Kai Utility, below “Network Adapter” check the “Show Dangerous NICs” box. You will be prompted to restart the Kai Config. Once you restart the config, set the following accordingly:

Kai port: 0 Kai Deep port: 0 Enable PAT/Launch UI/Launch Engine/XBox Homebrew: *check what you want applied – see help for information on each* (I personally have only the Launch UI and Launch Engine checked for this process)

NETWORK ADAPTER: (ZD1211B)IEEE 802.11 b+g(US) *make sure the “Show Dangerous NICs” box below is checked* Default XTag(Username): *your username* Default Password: *your password* *checking the “auto-login” is optional* CLOSE ENGINE AFTER: Never ACCEPT UI CONNECTIONS FROM: Any IP Address

Click OK to save settings.

11-Startup XLink Kai. (Start→Program Files→XLink Kai Evolution VII→Start Kai)

12-Click on the Globe icon on the top row of icons. Then click the Magnifying Glass. This is just to load up the arenas to test help verify a connection. In the middle frame, next to the 2nd Icon down (the check board), it should say “Network Reachable: Yes”. If that is the case, then click the folder icon below the ”?” icon on the top frame. If everything was done correctly, it should say “PSP successfully configured”

If you did not get the same end result, then recheck the steps and make sure you did everything correctly.

If you did get the same end result, then congratulations, you are now connected to Monster Hunter Freedom *Online*!! (Or any other game your using this guide for).

[IV] Extra Tips & Troubleshooting

Random Newbie A wrote:

If I already have a wireless router, can't I just download Kai and play online?

The short answer is no. For a more accurate answer check out this thread and if you read ANY part of it…

you MUST READ the first line!: PSP link

Random Newbie B wrote:

I tried to install the drivers in “X:\Program Files\ZyDAS Technology Corporation\ZyDAS_802.11g_Utility\InsDrvTemp_USB” (X being the drive you installed them on), and when I tell the computer to install them it says that is impossible or it installs the wrong/incompatible drivers!! –OR– For whatever smart or stupid reason I “uninstalled” my Wifi Max or accidentally installed the drivers from the CD. Now I can't get it get my drivers (the RIGHT drivers!) to install properly!”

(This one's a long one but it's thorough, so I don't have to repeat myself or get any more specific.)

I'll start this off by breaking down step 4:

To put it as simply as possible: The CD has a set of drivers… we don't want to use these. Instead we want to use the ZD1211B drivers, version to be precise. To use these drivers, we simply download and then install them. Now, ALL this should have been done before ever connecting the Wifi MAX to your PC. With the proper driver installed, you can plug in your Wifi MAX and you will most likely see a new window pop up asking if you would like to search for drivers for your new device.

At this point, if you place the CD into the computer and search, you are negating the whole installation of the ZD1211B because the system will search your CD Drive first. Instead, just have it search your computer (without inserting the CD) and it should be cable to find the ZD1211B drivers on its own. At that point, you should be ok… it will load and install the drivers and allow you to use the Wifi Max properly. From here when you load up the ZDWLan Utility, you should be able to check the PSP XLink Mode and complete the rest of the steps.

My first guess as to why you can't get it working now is because you've either installed the wrong drivers or plugged in the Wifi MAX without installing any drivers and ending up with it saying that there was a problem initializing the device because the drivers were not properly installed… or something to that effect. There is a way to remedy this but it requires some moderately advanced steps that can possible cause damage to your computer if steps are not properly followed.

WARNING: The follow steps are to be used at your own discretion. As with my guide, I will not… Will Not… WILL NOT!!!… take any responsibility for any damage done to your PC or PSP.

First step is get to your System Properties open so you can access your device manager. A shortcut is to hit your “Windows” key (usually in the middle of your Ctrl and Alt keys) along with the “Pause/Break” key (usually above the PageUp key). Another way is to Right Mouse Click (click with right mouse button) on the “My Computer” icon (usually found on your desktop) and click Properties. With the System Properties open, click on the “Hardware” tab then click on “Device Manager”. Your device manager should now be open.

With the device manager open, you should see your Computer's Name with a series of different device categories below it. Somewhere on that list, probably under “Network Adapters” you will see an entry with a big yellow question mark over the entry's icon. If you don't see one, then plug in your Wifi MAX IF AND ONLY IF YOU HAVE PREVIOUSLY ATTEMPTED TO INSTALL DRIVERS OR HAVE ALREADY INSTALLED THE ONE ON THE CD. You should now see either the icon with the question mark or a new entry under “Network Adapters” called “IEEE 802.11 b+g USB Adapter” (or something relatively similar).

To use the proper ZD1211B drivers with the WIFI MAX, you have to uninstall or update the previous entry for the device. In this case, for safety purposes, we will simply update the drivers. At this point you should have the proper ZD1211B already installed and NO CD in your CD Drive. Right Mouse Click on the entry and choose “Update Driver…”.

A new window similar to the one when you originally plugged in your Wifi MAX should appear asking if you would like to allow Windows to search for the drivers or choose the location yourself. At this point to insure you install the proper drivers, choose the option to search for the drivers yourself. Click next and choose the 2nd option which states you will search for the compatible driver yourself and click next. On this new window, you may see drivers that were previously installed on the computer, ignore them and click on “Have Disk” to search for the drivers you've recently installed. Browse for the location you installed the drivers (usually has “ZyDas” in the folder name)… the drivers may be in folders within the ZyDas folders. You should inevitably find a compatible file called “ZD1211BU.INF”. Click open and ok, etc, etc… and within moments Windows will install the driver.

THAT'S IT! You should now have the PROPER drivers PROPERLY installed! You see how much more work this became because you didn't follow directions? If you can't manage to follow these directions then I'm sorry but you are out of luck because I could not make these steps any simpler short of using pictures or making a video… which I don't plan on doing anytime in this life. My philosophy is that if you can't manage to get something working with detailed, specific instructions such as then… then you probably shouldn't be using the hardware/software at all anyway! Twisted Evil

Random Newbie C wrote:

I have everything working. It's that in MHF/MHF2 or any other game I'm trying to play, right when the quest/game starts, I brake off from everyone in the group, it doesn't make sense?

It could be happening for a few reasons. Most likely, your ping is high… relative to the people you play with. Or maybe your connection isnt fast enough to handle 3 other players. Sometimes people with your problem find that they can play in a party of 3, but get disconnected from a party of 4. Try it out, it might be a simple connection/bandwidth issue.

Random Newbie D playing MHF or MHF2 wrote:

I can't see any people in Gathering Hall but xlink says “network reachable: yes” and “Sony PSP configured successfully”. I possibly had it working in the past too!

First thing I'd suggest, if you had it working at one point or another, is that you check your signal strength in the ZDWLan utility. When you initially connect, Kai states you PSP is working, but if your connection strength diminishes Kai wont say anything and you'll just sit there cursing everything cause one thing doesn't work. Alternatively, try some troubleshooting. Check to make sure ZDWLan's signal strength is at 100%. If it's hovering around 20%-50% while your actively in the Guild Hall in MHF or MHF2, then your connection has diminished and you have to restart ZDWLan or at least redo the search for your PSP's connection within ZDWLan and have it reestablish a connection to it.

If you never had it working before then retrace your steps in the setup process and make sure you got it right the first time. There's probably a high chance that you didn't read it as clearly as you think.

More tips coming soon…

[V] Tips for Vista/Slim Users (Under Construction)

Coming soon! (All of this information will be derived from other threads once the information has been proven to work. I neither use Vista nor own a PSP-2000 aka a PSP Slim/Lite so I can't and won't provide any support for Vista/Slim issues.)

[IV] Sources/Contributions/Thanks

Original Steps by “Shinchan^^” -Thread link: Removed

Wifi MAX drivers by ZyDAS -Direct File Link:

XLink Kai Evolution VII by Team XLink -Homepage: “

Monster Hunter Freedom by Capcom -Homepage: “

PlayStation Portable by Sony -Homepage (US): “

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