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WRT Setup Guide

A Complete Guide to playing your PSP on Kai with a Linksys WRT54G Router.

It seems as though many people are still confused of what to do when they get the custom firmware from Ahman. Well, here is the complete guide to using your WRT54G router with Kai. Firstly, you'll need to get your router flashed with the firmware you have downloaded. Where do you get the firmware? Here:

The latest is always best! Very Happy

Note #1: Remember, please refer to this sticky for any precautions that you should be aware of (i.e. higher firmware versions [4 or 5] being incompatible at the moment). The firmware you downloaded greatly reflects on the model number of your router. Where can you find your model number? Here.

Also, you may want to get acquainted with boot_wait mode, which I won't talk about here because it's already discussed on that sticky.

Please read: I am, in no way, responsible for any aftermath regarding the status of your router. The following steps could possibly brick your router granted you didn't check all precautions prior to flashing it. Please take heed guys…

Now that you have downloaded the custom firmware (the .bin file), save it somewhere on the desktop for easy reference. Then, access your router's homepage ( Navigate to Administration > Firmware Upgrade. Click the “Browse” button and locate the .bin file, which is the firmware we want to flash with. After selecting, hit “Upgrade”. It's best not to have any programs running in the background whilst upgrading, just for safety precautions. When successfully finished, give it some time to reboot itself and you should be able to re-enter your router's homepage as you normally would. And presto!, a new Kaid option when you enter the Administrator section of the page.

Now, go to Administration > Management. Enable autologin, then enter your XTag and Password here. Refer to the link named “Click here for configuration instructions” on Ahman's site for the “interface” (e.g. eth1, eth2, br0). Make sure to SAVE your settings!! Now, if you wish, you may close that window. Open up Kai Config Tool and let's configure it a little bit. Make sure to leave “Launch Engine” unchecked because we don't want to have two engines running at once. For those who wish to boot the Java UI instead, highlight “Java” on the UI category. Otherwise, stick with the Default UI.

Idea Close Engine After —>“Loss of UI” (or whichever you wish) Idea Allow UI connections from —>“Any IP Address”

Then select OK to close the window…

Great! So far we've gotten half-way, more or less. (Yes, this is long, but it pays off in the end Very Happy .) Now it's time to communicate your precious WRT54G with the PSP, and moreover, with Kai. Here is a step-by-step guide to doing that, so please follow each step accordingly!!

1. Open the router's homepage ( 2. Go to Administration > Kaid 3. Click “Start Kaid” 4. Now, fire up your PSP and set any game you have that supports adhoc mode, in adhoc mode. (You can confirm this if the green light on the left of the PSP is blinking) 5. Then, go back to your router's homepage, and, with the kaid engine still running, select “Scan PSP” at the bottom. (This should scan for the PSP, obviously, that is running in adhoc mode.) 6. Then, launch XLink Kai and, if done properly, you should see your PSP detected by Kai. 7. From here, you should access the arena corresponding to your game and a connection should be established.

Note #2: I would encourage using the Java UI for Kaid because it seems easier to me, but that's only my opinion. If you are going to be using the Java UI, make sure that you configure the settings when the UI is booted. You would do this by clicking “Menu” at the top, then “Settings.”

Apply the Username and Password, but change the Engine Host to the IP of the router ( Leave Engine Port as is and click “Save”.

Then you must close and restart Kai. Now, with your Kaid engine still running and the Java UI restarted, click the icon of a plug with a lightning bolt next to it (located on the top right of the Java UI.); this should direct you right into the arenas.

If you get into a room where people are playing, try and ask if they can see your ping whilst you are already configured. With this confirmed, there shouldn't be any problem thus far. I hope this gave an accurate breakdown of the setup and what not. The second part is what you should expect every time you intend to play your PSP on Kai. And most certainly, let me know if there's anything I missed out/incorrect. I don't want to screw over the whole community. Laughing Nonetheless…

Happy gaming Kai community!!

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